"I am Ovkhevam clan Bakh'tor. I serve the Noghri people here at the future of our world. You honor us with your presence."
―Ovkhevam to Luke Skywalker[src]

Ovkhevam clan Bakh'tor was the Noghri caretaker of the kholm-grass cleansed mountain region on Honoghr during the Thrawn campaign. He walked the lands to make sure the plants were growing, and also kept an eye on the fugitive Khabarakh.

Ovkhevam and Khabarakh greeted Luke Skywalker upon his first arrival on Honoghr and hid him in their newly-cleansed growing lands.

Personality and traitsEdit

Ovkhevam was at an old age by appearance. He had a normal size for a Noghri but had long white hair and carried a staff.



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