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"Those who set a course and cannot adjust their heading will break upon the rocks as surely as those who sail heedless of direction. We cannot change the direction of the wind. Nor can we afford to be blown whichever way it so chooses. We act; we decide; and we are acted upon. So it is in all things that I wish to honor those who have come before. So it is in all things that I wish to prepare the way for those who shall come after. And I remind myself: in the Force, there is no end, but only beginnings."
―Oz Ladnod[src]

Oz Ladnod was a poet to the Royal Court of the planet Onderon whose work was included in Collected Poems, Prayers, and Meditations on the Force, a compilation of writings on the Force edited by the Disciple of the Whills Kozem Pel. Ladnod's work in the collection included a poem on taking action despite external influences.[1]

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Oz Ladnod was first mentioned as part of a chapter quote in the 2017 novel Guardians of the Whills, which was written by Greg Rucka.[1]

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