"Are you ready Jedi? I'm tired of hunting these filthy Wookiee's."
―Ozzik Sturn in his AT-KT[src]

Ozzik Sturn was an Imperial Captain stationed on Kashyyyk.


Ozzik Sturn came from a family of privilege. He also came from a long line of big game hunters. During the waning days of the Republic, Sturn used his family connections to be quickly moved up in the ranks of the military. At first he took assignments on many varied worlds, using these opportunities to hunt a wide variety of fearsome creatures. As he moved up in rank, however, he was required to stay on the same planets for longer periods of time. When Order 66 was issued, Sturn hoped to hunt take part in the hunt for fugitive Jedi, but was instead assigned to Malastare, where he became a magistrate. He quickly became bored with the native fauna and started hunting sentient beings. He would have prisoners (political and otherwise) released into his own private hunting reserve so that he could have the thrill of hunting them down. The Dug and Gran populous soon grew outraged by his behavior and there was an uprising.

Eventually, Sturn was reassigned to Kashyyyk and was in charge of overseeing the flourishing Wookiee slave trade. It didn't take long for Sturn to revert back to his own habits and start hunting Wookiees. He made no attempts to hide his hobby. He even wore pelts of his kills as part of his uniform. One of Sturn's tasks was the construction of massive orbital skyhook, which would maximize the Imperial military presence on Kashyyyk, to quell any uprisings (such as the one crushed Czerka Corporation's Wookiee slave trade centuries earlier) before they began.

In 2 BBY, Sturn became involved in a trap that Emperor Palpatine set for Princess Leia Organa. When Leia arrived on Kashyyyk to see the harsh conditions of the planet for herself, she found herself kidnapped by Sturn's troops. Palpatine would then use her as leverage against Bail Organa, but eventually intended for Sturn to kill her, framing her murder on Wookiee insurgents.

Jedi Master Rahm Kota learned of Leia's fate and sent Galen Marek to rescue her. Sturn attacked Marek in an attempt to defend the skyhook, but was killed when his AT-KT was destroyed.


During his time on Kashyyyk, Sturn had a personalized AT-KT that had a long range hunting rifle (likely of Czerka design) on the right side, and a net launcher on the left. He also wore a sash of skinned Wookiee pelts, presumably from one of his hunts.

Trophy Room

Sturn had an impressive trophy collection, consisting of the heads of his most prized kills. His trophy room on Kashyyk included the heads of a Reek, Acklay, Nexu, Wampa, and Tauntaun among many others. It also included the giant heads of a Krayt Dragon, and a Gorax, as well as a large Gungan encased in carbonite.

Behind the scenes

Ozzik is depicted in The Force Unleashed video game as wearing a white uniform that strongly resembles that of the Imperial Grand Admirals (though the rank badge is absent), despite the fact that he is stated to be a captain. The uniform could identify him as an ISB operative, however no source mentions him as being such. In the cellphone version, a character that represents the Imperial commander on Kashyyyk is wearing a standard uniform and is equipped with a lightwhip. However, there is a possibilty that it is not Sturn.



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