P'hiili were a species of aquatic creatures that were native to the world of Yuuzhan'tar. When the sentient Yuuzhan Vong, also native to Yuuzhan'tar, invaded another galaxy, they took knowledge of the genetic makeup of the p'hiili with them. The aquatic creatures were recreated and placed on the terraformed world of Coruscant after the Yuuzhan Vong captured it in 27 ABY.

Biology and appearance[]

P'hiili were a species of aquatic creatures.[1]


P'hiili made burring sounds,[1] and they were typically kept in ponds or other water-filled areas outside of Yuuzhan Vong residences to act as a sort of organic alarm system. Another trait that made them useful as guards was their tendency to eat anything that came within reach, which classified them as omnivores.[2]


The aquatic creatures originated on the world of Yuuzhan'tar prior to the beginning of the Yuuzhan Vong War in 25 ABY, in which the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy of the New Republic in order to find a new home after Yuuzhan'tar was destroyed. The Yuuzhan Vong took with them the genes of the p'hiili with the purpose of recreating the creatures later on. After the Yuuzhan Vong conquered the New Republic's capital world of Coruscant[1] in 27 ABY,[3] the p'hiili were recreated and placed on the newly terraformed world, which had been renamed Yuuzhan'tar in memory of the Yuuzhan Vong's original homeworld. In 28 ABY, on the new Yuuzhan'tar, some p'hiili were present in a pool of water that was overlooked by a shrine to the Yuuzhan Vong god Yun-Harla, and their cries intermingled with those of the ngom, another type of creature.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

P'hiili first appeared in author Greg Keyes' 2003 novel, The New Jedi Order: The Final Prophecy, the penultimate installment in The New Jedi Order series. More information was later provided for the creature in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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