The PD-series protocol droid, sometimes known as the PD Lurrian droid, was a protocol droid produced by Cybot Galactica specifically for the Lurrians of the planet Lur.


PD-series EGTD

PD-series schematics

The design of the PD protocol droid was based on the humanoid forms of the Lurrians themselves. Unlike the 3PO-series protocol droid, the PD-series enclosed its torso wires under plasteel plating, and all joints were treated with weather-resistant industrial sealant. The outer casing was fully shock-proof. The head was designed with stylized features familiar to the Lurrians, and a jutting brow ridge was added to prevent falling snow from obscuring the droid's twin photoreceptors. The PD-series was powered by an AA-1 VerboBrain, with extensive information on genetics and DNA programmed in place of sixty percent of standard language programming.

Because Lur was infamous for its gale-force winds and steep terrain, the PD droid's hands were replaced with heavy servogrips, and could be launched from the wrists to find purchase on any terrain. A line of thin but strong cable connected to the forearm, and could easily pull the droid up the steepest of cliff faces.


The Lurrians were impressed by the protocol droid, and thousands of PD-series droids were produced. However, the entire line went unsold when the Galactic Empire quarantined the entire Lurrian homeworld, to keep Lur's genetic scientists under Emperor Palpatine's watch. Cybot Galactica was forced to sell its stock of PD-series droids to a major wholesaler, resulting in a massive loss for the company.

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