"The discovery of microbial life has halted corporate dumping on planetoid PDC3141-02, but has in turn endangered the crew of the Trade Federation scow, Spotty Conveyor."
―HoloNet News report[4]

PDC3141-02 was a Mid Rim planetoid located in the Trax sector. For centuries, the Trade Federation used it for dumping radioactive industrial waste. Shortly prior to 13:3:21, University of Sanbra scientists discovered a native unicellular lifeform on the planetoid, and a subsequent temporary injunction prevented further Federation dumping. At the time of the discovery, however, a Trade Federation scow had been transporting a cargo of hazardous waste to PDC3141-02. Since the injunction against dumping on the planetoid endangered the vessel's crew, the Federation subsequently attempted to bypass the restriction.


"During its journey, scientists from the University of Sanbra discovered a strain of native unicellular life on what was presumed to be a lifeless planet."
―HoloNet News report[4]

PDC3141-02 was a planetoid[4] located in the PDC3141-02 system,[1] a part of the Kashyyyk Region's[3] Trax sector[1] in the Slice portion of[2] the Mid Rim.[1] It was home to a strain of unicellular microbe.[4]


"This is an outrage! We have been using that planetoid for centuries. Surely one more deposit will not endanger this imagined lifeform."
―Senator Lott Dod, in a HoloNet News report[4]

For centuries prior to the date 13:3:21, the conglomerate known as the Trade Federation used PDC3141-02 as dumping grounds for radioactive industrial waste. At some point during the week preceding that date, scientists from the University of Sanbra visited the supposedly lifeless planetoid and discovered its native microbe, which was accordingly named "Lifeform PDC3141-02." The University later obtained a temporary injunction restricting any further dumping on the planetoid until the researchers' readings could be verified.[4]

Trade Federation Senator Lott Dod expressed his dissatisfaction with the injuction against corporate dumping on PDC3141-02.

At the same time, however, the Trade Federation scow Spotty Conveyor had been traveling to PDC3141-02 with a load of radioactive waste from Federation factory worlds in the Inner Rim. Upon its arrival in the planetoid's star system, the starship discovered it was disallowed from depositing its hazardous cargo. Since the scow was not carrying enough fuel to transport all of the waste back to its ports of origin and its rad-dampening shielding would only remain effective for five additional days, the safety of the vessel's crew became endangered.[4]

In response, the Trade Federation lobbied to bypass the University's injunction against the dumping on PDC3141-02, with the organization's angered Senator Lott Dod proclaiming at the 13:3:21 session of the Galactic Republic's Senate his belief that the radioactive waste from the Spotty Conveyor posed no threat to the planetoid's microbes, the actual existence of which he remained skeptical. The senator also indignantly stated the theoretical possibility that the Federation's dumping on PDC3141-02 could have, in fact, benefitted the native lifeform. The incident on the planetoid was subsequently covered by an issue of the CoCo District Edition of the HoloNet News, which on one occasion referred to PDC3141-02 as a planet.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

PDC3141-02 was mentioned in HoloNet News Vol. 531 #48, an in-universe issue of the HoloNet News[4] written by Pablo Hidalgo and Paul Ens[5] and published on the HoloNet News website on March 21, 2002.[6] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the PDC3141-02 system, and therefore the planetoid, in grid square P-10.[2]


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