The Royal Naboo PKN-49 model labor droid was a fancier version of the ubiquitous Cybot Galactica PK-series worker droid, developed for use by the Royal Naboo Security Forces. The frame of the PKN-49 slimmed down to a single wheel appendage; its ambulation resembled that of a Hutt. It could be equipped with worker arms for carrying, harvesting, drilling, or if necessary, combat. For carrying large loads, it was modified with a "frill" set around its neck and shoulders. The droid language of the PKN-49 had a musical, flute-like quality.

Audio clipsEdit

Gnome-speakernotes Hear a PKN-49 1
Gnome-speakernotes Hear a PKN-49 2 (Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds)


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