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"Plunk. Plunk."
―A plunk droid — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

The PLNK-series power droid,[2] nicknamed the plunk droid for its distinctive sound,[7] was a heavy-duty power droid[8] model manufactured by Industrial Automaton during the Clone Wars,[1] where they saw widespread use in the Republic Navy.[8]


An unidentified Republic PLNK droid was on the sabotaged Republic Cruiser "Venator" when it was taken over by Separatists. This droid was one of five surviving Republic crew members, the rest all being droids. When the D-Squad entered the sabotaged ship, R2-D2 spotted the PLNK droid's companion, BNI-393. BNI, or "Bunny" led R2 and the rest of the D-Squad to the place where they were hiding. However, a buzz droid was spotted and the crew chased it. The buzz droids multiplied until there were too many to fend off. M5-BZ of the D-Squad opened the airlock, sacrificing himself while killing the buzz droids. Eventually, the PLNK droid made it to the D-Squad's shuttle and they left to find a real Republic cruiser.

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