"The Plex is one of the best, most reliable launchers out there."

The PLX-4 Missile Launcher was the latest in a line of launchers designed by Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc., starting with the PLX-1.


It was very effective for infantry troops due to its versatility. It was capable of firing both missiles and standard rockets, as well as more advanced projectiles. The first of these were standard Gravity Activated Mode developed for previous PLX launchers and operated in the same manner. The second were special "Savant" missiles, computer-controlled missiles designed to mimic standard unguided missiles until a set time when they would activate and home in on their target. In this manner, victims often thought they had avoided the missile only for it to strike them from behind.

The PLX-4 could be shot "over-the-shoulder" or on tripods (although these were supplied by other manufacturers). It came with a detachable missile rack capable of holding four rockets.


The PLX-4 first became available for purchase after the Battle of Endor. The Galactic Empire readily adopted the PLX-4 and made extensive use of them on worlds such as Qat Chrystac.


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