PT-2445, nicknamed Pete, was a human male stormtrooper who served the First Order.


PT-2445 was found and taken into the First Order at a young age, programmed by General Brendol Hux's stormtrooper training program to be an excellent and loyal warrior. He served directly as one of his guards, traveling with the general on his various travels to different fringe worlds such as Otomok in search of new recruits for the First Order. One such trip took them to Parnassos; a wasteland world where civilization had collapsed over a hundred years prior, and whose long dormant orbital defense systems reactivated at the First Order's approach—shooting down Hux's ship. PT-2445, alongside his fellow stormtroopers, LE-2003 and HF-0518, was able to secure Hux and his personal droid in an escape pod. The crew would shortly cross paths with Phasma. PT-2445 accepted Phasma as his leader while General Hux was disabled on Parnassos. This did not go unnoticed by General Hux once recovered, as he began to realize Phasma would be an ideal asset to the First Order. PT-2445 later died in battle against Keldo, Phasma's own brother. While PT-2445 never made it off of Parnassos, his chosen servitude to Phasma not only enabled both General Hux and Phasma to leave Parnassos alive, but strengthened the First Order significantly. Phasma immediately became a key member of the regime, and went on to lead the stormtroopers as a captain in the First Order army.[1]

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