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This article is about tracked mobile command base.
You may be looking for the building used by the Galactic Empire.

The PX-4 Mobile Command Base was a tracked, tactical command center manufactured by Nen-Carvon.


Measuring 21.8 meters in length,[2] the PX-4 Mobile Command Base was heavily armored and armed. Covered in a half meter thick metallic shell, the PX-4 had a command pod that was located in the center of the vehicle, encased in a further armored shell for maximum protection. The outer hull of the vehicle was covered in reflective shielding. Sensors and computers monitored all aspects of a battle as it was fought, relaying the information to the commander in the command pod, and providing up-to-the-minute analysis and tactical suggestions.[1] Information was displayed via computer displays, holographic tactical displays, and communications arrays.[3] Communications was also monitored, from standard Imperial channels, to enemy transmissions.[1]

A single Mk 1e/S heavy laser cannon was mounted on the top of the PX-4,[1] on a slow-moving rotating turret.[2] The weapon gave the PX-4 an offensive punch, but the vehicle was not intended to enter combat.[1] The PX-4 employed tracked treads to move about the battlefield;[1] speeds of 100 kilometers an hour were common,[2] with some vehicles being reported at being able to achieve 200 kilometers an hour.[3] The PX-4 could carry a metric ton of cargo,[2] and consumable supplies for a week.[3] Requiring a crew of three, one of whom served as the gunner, the PX-4 had room enough for seven passengers.[2]


A PX-4 escorted by stormtroopers

The PX-4 Mobile Command Base was employed by the Galactic Empire to provide safe transportation for commanders into hostile combat zones. It acted as a mobile headquarters, allowing the unit commander to travel with soldiers without exposing themselves to potential danger.[1] Typically, the PX-4 was removed from the direct battlefield, allowing officers to make tactical and strategic decisions in safety. Deployment of the PX-4 was achieved through the use of landing craft. Commonly, LAAT/c dropships were employed, although they could also be slung beneath Sentinel-class landing craft.[3] They were also part of the carried vehicle complement of the IF-120 landing craft.[5]

On some worlds that were openly hostile to the Empire, planetary prefects and governors relied on the PX-4 to move around safely. Some were known to even live inside the PX-4, never leaving the armored interior.[1]

Governor Grigor employed a PX-4 during the Battle of Red Rock on the planet M'haeli. The vehicle was destroyed by Alliance to Restore the Republic forces during the fighting.[6]



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