"Halt. What are you doing here? I am PZ-7. I was not aware two inventory units were assigned to this level."
―PZ-7, to AP-5 — (audio) Listen (file info)[4]

PZ-7 was a feminine RA-7 protocol droid who served the Galactic Empire in 2 BBY as an inventory droid at Killun Station, an Imperial Security Bureau base located on the moon Killun 71. When the Imperial-turned-rebel inventory droid AP-5 was sent to Killun Station to secure clearance codes crucial to the Rebellion's planned attack on the planet Lothal, he encountered PZ-7 before he could access the facility's Central Computer Core.

PZ-7 told AP-5 that she had not been informed that a second inventory droid was stationed on that level. In response, AP-5 devised a lie that PZ-7 had been reassigned to Killun Station's cargo platform and that he was replacing her. After telling AP-5 that she understood, PZ-7 departed for her new posting, allowing her replacement to retrieve the secret codes for the Rebellion.


"Uh, well, it is unfortunate, but I must report, you have been reassigned to the cargo platform. I am your replacement."
"I understand."
―AP-5, to PZ-7 — (audio) Listen (file info)[4]

PZ-7 was a feminine-programmed[4] RA-7 protocol droid[2] manufactured by Arakyd Industries.[1] She served the Galactic Empire at the Imperial Security Bureau base Killun Station, located on[4] the moon[5] Killun 71,[4] in 2 BBY.[6] PZ-7 worked as an inventory droid on the level of the facility that housed its Central Computer Core.[4]

AP-5 tells PZ-7 that she has been reassigned to Killun Station's cargo platform.

Phoenix Squadron, one of the cells that made up the Rebel Alliance against the Empire,[4] made plans to destroy the Imperial factory on the[7] Outer Rim planet[8] Lothal[7] with the aid of another rebel cell.[9][10] Before the rebels could initiate their attack, however, they required clearance codes for Lothal that could be accessed from Killun Station. To retrieve the codes, they dispatched former Imperial pilot Wedge Antilles, former Imperial inventory droid AP-5, and astromech droid C1-10P to the Imperial Security Bureau base.[4]

Once the rebels entered Killun Station, AP-5 made his way to the Central Computer Core, where the clearance codes were held. Before he could enter the room in which the core was located, however, he was stopped by PZ-7, who noted that she had not received word of a second inventory droid assigned to that level. In order to maintain his cover, AP-5 devised a lie, telling PZ-7 that she had been reassigned to Killun Station's cargo platform and that he was replacing her. PZ-7 told AP-5 that she understood and departed for her new posting, allowing him to retrieve the codes for the Rebellion from the Central Computer Core.[4]


"I can't believe I'm the same model as that Imperial drone."
―AP-5, about PZ-7 — (audio) Listen (file info)[4]

A loyal Imperial droid, PZ-7 was quick to stop AP-5 and question why he was on the level she had been stationed at in Killun Station. However, when AP-5 stated that she had been reassigned elsewhere, PZ-7 fell for his trick, expressing no doubt in the validity of his fib. Once she departed for the base's cargo platform, AP-5 remarked to himself that he could not believe he was the same model as PZ-7, whom he disparaged as an Imperial drone.[4]

Like all[3] RA-7 protocol droids,[2] PZ-7[4] stood 1.7 meters tall.[3] She had dark plating and sensors that would light up white when she spoke. Etched on her forehead was a triangular-like design, inside of which was a dark circle containing a horizontal oval marking, with twelve petal-like shapes protruding from all around the circle.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Concept art of PZ-7

PZ-7 appeared in[4] the nineteenth episode of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels' third season, "Double Agent Droid,"[11] which aired on March 11, 2017, on Disney XD.[12] She was voiced by Vanessa Marshall, who also voices Hera Syndulla, one of the show's main characters.[4] Concept art of PZ-7 by Amy Beth Christenson dated February 16, 2016, in which PZ-7 is depicted with black plating, was released on StarWars.com as part of the Episode Guide for "Double Agent Droid."[11]


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