"I must say, even for a security droid, you're most ill-mannered."
―C-3PO, to PZ-99[src]

PZ-99, nicknamed "Peezee-Ninety-Nine," was a masculine security droid who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War and later the Resistance during its struggle against the First Order.


PZ-99 was a security droid who served the New Republic during the Galactic Civil War and was present during the Battle of Jakku.[2]

In 33 ABY,[1] PZ-99 was in the service of Hoff, a captain of the Resistance, when their ship crashed on Taul. Under the leadership of C-3PO, PZ-99 and the remaining surviving droids ventured in search of a homing beacon belonging to a First Order vessel.[2]

Pz-99 death

PZ-99 sacrifices himself for the other droids.

During the journey to find the homing beacon, PZ-99's sensors recognized that the ground was moving due to the presence of spice spiders. Instructing the droids to stand back, PZ-99 opened fire on the encroaching Spice spiders showcasing his talents with his blasters and flamethrower. PZ-99 provided cover for the droids as VL-44 cleared a path to higher ground. As the droids climbed onto the rocks, PZ-99 followed his second directive programming and stayed behind, fending off the remaining spice spiders. While C-3PO remarked that PZ-99 sacrificed himself for their safety, O-MR1 expressed that, as his enemy, PZ-99's destruction worked in his favor.[2]


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