Paaerduags, whose actual name was unpronounceable in Galactic Basic Standard, were symbionts that consisted of a large, yellowish, hunchbacked, two-legged creature with a small green, four-eyed creature sprouting out of its back. Much of the language, including the true name of their homeworld, was not pronounceable or comprehensible by non-Paaerduag, for one required two mouths and four ears to truly speak and hear it. The green head communicated with non-Paaerduag, as the sounds produced by the other could not be heard by most species. Their homeworld was Sorjus, a planet far off the Perlemian Trade Route.

At birth, the two humanoid components were separate beings, which as they grew up, fused together. It seems the larger creature controlled movement as the smaller creature would tell it to turn around so it could see things opposite itself. Paaerduags were seen often around the time of the Jedi Civil War, and Revan encountered two Paaerduags during his travels; one named Ja'Gatcha, who was trapped on Taris due to the Sith quarantine and was likely killed when Darth Malak's fleet bombarded the surface from orbit. Another was named Mic'tunan'jus Orgu, a merchant in Anchorhead on Tatooine.



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