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"Welcome to Pabu, my home away from home."
―Phee Genoa, to Clone Force 99[3]

"Pabu" is the thirteenth episode of the second season of the animated television series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. It premiered on Disney+ on March 15, 2023.[1]

Official description[]

The team takes refuge and finds new allies.

Plot summary[]

Liberating the artifact[]

At a cantina, Omega and Phee Genoa meet up with Lanse Crowder and his associates to purchase a tree-shaped artifact. When Crowder insists that they pay first, Genoa insists on checking that it is not a "knock-off." When Crowder notices Omega and asks if she works alone, Genoa explains that she is teaching Omega the "art of negotiation." Crowder offers drinks but Genoa refuses, dismissing it as poison. Crowder says that he is impressed but secretly releases a kouhun under the table.

Hunter senses movement. Omega responds that Genoa is not a pirate but a liberator of ancient wonders. Genoa agrees while Hunter plays a game of sabacc with a Bith. He grabs the Bith's hands before he can reach for a card. Before the kouhun can pierce Genoa's neck with its stinger, Hunter impales the creature against the wall with his knife. Crowder's helmeted henchmen raise their blasters at Hunter. Crowder thinks that he has the upper hand but Genoa reveals that Hunter is not her sole "muscle."

Wrecker fights and takes out several of Crowder's henchmen, triggering a gunfight. Omega joints the gunfight and fires her energy bow at Crowder and his men. She grabs the artifact and shoots down the hanging ceiling lamp over Crowder. Meanwhile, Tech is playing a game against himself while Gonky serves as the board. Hunter requests pick-up and Tech readies the Marauder. Genoa and the clones escape by using smoke bombs to disorientate Crowder and his men. They escape the cantina and flee aboard the parked Marauder.

Crowder's henchmen pursue them but are unable to bring down the Marauder. While traveling through hyperspace, Omega and Wrecker describe the heist as a successful mission. Genoa is impressed with Omega while Hunter says that her training is paying off. Genoa suggests that Omega needs to learn other skills apart from being a soldier and to mix with friends her own age and who are not her genetic profile. Tech says that he does not see the issue.

The hidden sanctuary[]

The Bad Batch receive a holographic transmission from Ciddarin Scaleback who complains that their absence for the past 20 cycles has cost her a few scores. She reminds them of their "mutually beneficial" arrangement and that she knows their secrets. Genoa remarks that the clones had not mentioned cutting ties with Cid. Hunter describes their arrangement with Cid as not being mutually beneficial. Genoa agrees and describes Cid as a useful ally but not as someone they want to cross.

Since the Bad Batch lack plans for what to do next, Genoa takes the lead and convinces the clones to travel to a new set of coordinates. The Bad Batch arrive at an idyllic world covered by oceans and fly the Marauder to a remote island on Pabu. Genoa describes the island as a "hidden sanctuary" and takes the clones to the Archium, a repository of treasures from all over the galaxy. Genoa plans to deposit their "liberated" artifact there. Tech informs her that his scans indicate that the artifact has little monetary value, but Genoa contests that not all value is monetary.

She explains that most of the villagers on the island are refugees and many of the artifacts are remnants of their cultures. Genoa is greeted by a dark-skinned human man named Shep Hazard, the Mayor of the island who is accompanied by his daughter Lyana Hazard. Lyana addresses Genoa as "Auntie Phee." Genoa gives her the green tree artifact before introducing Hazard and Lyana. Genoa also introduces Hazard and Lyana to the Bad Batch. Lyana tells Omega that Genoa has never brought friends before, leading Lyana to assume that she must like the clones.

Genoa invites the clones to attend a feast, promising that there will be a lot of food and celebration. While Genoa puts away the artifact, she and the clones accompany Mayor Hazard and Lyana on a walk of the island city, which is built by the sea. Lyana takes a liking to Omega and invites her to see the city up close. Hazard explains that Upper Pabu is the oldest part of the island. As they grew over the years, they expanded over the wall into Lower Pabu.

Hazard is greeted by an elderly resident named Mister Eenta, who tells the Mayor that Sari and Micha are doing well. When Wrecker asks if Hazard knows everyone here, Hazard describes the community as a family. He invites the Bad Batch to his home, where they encounter several simian moon-yos. Lyana says that the Elders say that moon-yos lived here before the island was settled. Omega plays with one of the moon-yos and laughs, prompting Tech to remark that he hasn't heard Omega laugh like that for a long time.

When Hunter asks, Hazard explains that Pabu is home to refugees fleeing the War and other conflict. Hunter asks if he is worried about the Galactic Empire showing up. Hazard opines that the Empire would have no interest in a remote island with limited resources but adds that they will try to manage. Hazard tells Hunter that many come to Pabu to start afresh with a clean slate. Believing Hunter to be Omega's father, he thinks that the island would be a good place to raise a child. Genoa asks Hunter to consider staying on Pabu permanently.

Calm before the storm[]

While Omega and Lyana play with the moon-yos, Genoa opines that the Bad Batch will benefit from some stability. Later, the clones, Genoa, and Hazard share a feast of rolls. Lyana invites Omega out for a boat ride and Hunter tells them to have fun. After the children depart, Wrecker tells Hunter that he is full while Tech describes the feast as a memorable date. Hazard serves his guests a platter of fruits, prompting Wrecker to remark that he loves Pabu.

At the wharf, Lyana leads Omega aboard a motorized boat and they sail into the sunset. Omega enjoys the sea breeze, explaining that she spent most of her life surrounded by the ocean. Omega tells Lyana that she left her home because of the Empire. When Lyana says that she and her friends can stay for as long as they want, Omega explains that they never stay for long. Lyana asks if she gets lonely, prompting to Omega to reply that she never really thought about it.

Back at Hazard's home, Genoa introduces the Bad Batch to Pabu's sunset. The city lights come on at night, lighting up the island, and the clones drink beverages as the sun sets. Genoa senses that Hunter is tense and he warns that something is coming, as the ground shakes. Meanwhile, Lyana and Omega sense the tremor at sea and begin their return to the island. Hunter contacts Omega via comlink and Omega tells them that they are returning to shore. Hazard reassures his guests that it is a small tremor, but before long, they experience another, larger tremor.

The tsunami[]

Tech warns that the island is vulnerable to a sea surge. Hazard responds that they have not experienced a sea surge in more than three decades. Just then, the island's hazard warning system comes to life. As the ground and buildings begin shaking, the residents take shelter. Tech advises Hazard to evacuate Lower Pabu since the tide is receding. When Hazard reminds them that Omega and Lyana are out on the water, Hunter says he will set out on his ship to evacuate them and tasks the other clones with evacuating the residents to higher ground.

Meanwhile, Lyana and Omega's boat is pulled out into sea by the waves. The two jump before their boat collides with a rock formation. Elsewhere, Hazard works with the clones and Genoa to evacuate the residents of Lower Pabu to higher ground. Omega and Lyana land on top of the rock formation. Omega wakes Lyana up. Though the tide has receded, the two spot the giant waves approaching the island. Omega contacts Hunter who tells her to keep her locator on and that he is on the way. The two girls run towards the island.

With the residents fleeing up the stairs, Tech warns that there will not be enough time to evacuate everyone. Genoa proposes lowering the rescue ladders to enable more people to evacuate. He and Genoa use a grappling cable to reach the top of the battlements. Since the mechanisms for the rescue ladders are rusty, they manually release the ladders. This enables more civilians to climb up to safety. Wrecker and Hazard also find Mr Eenta with the former carrying the elderly man to safety.

Hunter departs in the Marauder and flies towards the sea to rescue Omega and Lyana. Omega encourages Lyana to run. Hunter flies above them and uses a retractable line to evacuate them before the ocean waves catches up with them. Wrecker carries Eenta up a rescue ladder with Mayor Hazard following him. The ocean waves sweep through Lower Pabu, engulfing the city. After depositing Eenta, Wrecker pulls Hazard to safety before the waves hit the rescue ladder. Omega and Lyana wave from the Marauder.


The ocean waves devastate much of Lower Pabu. Many residents are rendered homeless as a result of the tsunami. Mayor Hazard is relieved that they managed to evacuate everyone to safety. Tech thinks that it will take several rotations to rebuild Lower Pabu. Hazard responds that his people are resilient. Hunter offers to stay and help with the rebuilding of Lower Pabu. Tech agrees and Hazard welcomes the Bad Batch's offer of help.


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