The pacification of Praadost II was a battle of the Nembus Sector campaign, early in the Imperial Period. Rebel forces on Praadost II were defeated by the Galactic Empire.


Early in the Imperial Period, Rebel bases in the Nembus sector came under attack by the Imperial forces. Praadost II was one of those planets attacked.[1]

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The campaign lasted for a long time, and would see a large amount of civilian causalities. During the final days of the Praadost pacification, Imperial Army commando Osira Mavron stumbled upon the secret that the Rebels were fighting so hard to hide. A small refugee camp was located in an underground cavern she was scouting. Confronted with hundreds of refugees and orphans, Mavron realized what she had been supporting and defected.[3]


Stormtrooper Beilert Valance would be promoted to Sergeant Major for his actions during the battle. Soon after, the campaign in the Nembus sector began to die down, and Valance's legion would be transferred to the campaign in the Kwymar sector.[1]


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