"When the Rebel Alliance seized the port city of Salline, the Empire had to move quickly to remove the infestation."
―Colonel Maximilian Veers, Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide[1]

The Pacification of Salline was an early engagement of the Galactic Civil War fought between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Occurring sometime in between 2-0 BBY,[2] Imperial forces led by Colonel Maximilian Veers lead an assault against Rebel insurgents at the port city of Salline on the Core World[3] of Chandrila.[1]


The Rebel Alliance had allegedly seized the city of Salline, although Mon Mothma claimed the Rebels actually had no involvement and the Governing council of the city were simply protesting the seizure of its citizens via the ISB secret police, and the reigning Imperial Governor declared them traitors. Regardless, the Imperial forces led by Colonel Maximilian Veers were dispatched to maintain order.[1]


In order to avoid a repeat of the Debacle on Ord Torrenze earlier, Colonel Veers requested two AT-ATs, Hammer 6 and 8, for providing direct fire, and four AT-STs for providing fire support for the AT-ATs. These were deployed via dropships sent from the Star Destroyer Viscount, and after getting into position advanced to Salline at 0200. The government center on the coast was heavily fortified, but all of downtown Salline was designated a free-fire zone. Veers had Hammer 6 lead on point as well as having Hammer 8 follow at a distance of 200 meters, being placed in command of the latter. Each of the AT-ATs were flanked with two AT-STs, and they proceeded down Guildhead's Way to the government center. 1.2 kilometers from the Imperials objective, Hammer 6 came under fire from concealed enemy troops in the upper stories of a building on the south side, although the building was smashed by Hammer 8's chin cannons, with the AT-STs wiping out the troops as they fled through the ground floor, as they had learned from a similar situation from the Debacle on Ord Torrenze earlier.[1]

At another 400 meters, the same tactic happened again, although this time the troops successfully crippled Hammer 6 by one of the missiles hitting the rear hip of the walker, which aggravated a preexisting maintenance problem. Veers then ordered for the vehicle to remain behind, acting as an elevated gun platform in order to do a 180-degree sweep of the area. Hammer 8, brought into the lead position, then blasted a hole in the security wall upon arrival, with Veers demanding for their surrender via loudspeaker. Before Hammer 8's Stormtrooper contingent could rappel down to confront them, the enemy force escaped the building, with the watercraft fleeing the docks. However, they were blasted out of the water by TIE fighters dispatched at Veers' order seven kilometers south of Salline.[1]


Veers later wrote a report on the battle, which was later included in the Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide as an example of how unit support is important for armored assault.[1]


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