Pacifog was a mind altering chemical weapon produced by a macrolyzerImperial technology designed to specifically manufacture and filter the gas— in a laboratory orbiting the planet Kadril. The project was overseen by Darth Vader and was produced sometime after the Battle of Yavin. The goal of the project was for the production of a compound that would bring about the weaker qualities in other individuals. These would be characteristics that Imperial forces would be able to exploit in battle.

In order to ensure that Imperial forces would not be compromised by the use of the Pacifog, Darth Vader ordered a large quantity of Kunda stones from Dal Quirz, Kadrillian scientist. This was because of the Kunda stones' own abilities which would shield Imperial forces from the Pacifog's effects. This would have eventually led to filter masks for troopers.

What was not known by the compounds' creators was that the Pacifog had a deadly reaction to Human biology, which would turn Human flesh into a frothy ooze.



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