A Padawan was a Force-sensitive adolescent who had begun one-on-one instruction with a Je'daii Master on Tython. Members of the Je'daii Order at the height of the Infinite Empire, Padawans left the confines of Padawan Kesh with their master and began training one-on-one across the Settled Worlds or at one of the nine Great Temples on Tython.

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A rank within the Je'daii Order, Padawans were members who had graduated from the Je'daii Academy of Padawan Kesh. After being selected for one-on-one training with a Je'daii Master, a Padawan was expected to follow their Master on missions across the Settled Worlds, the group of habitable planets in the Tython system. In addition to field work, Padawans were often assigned to train within one of the nine Great Temples on Tython to hone certain skills. After completing their training with their Masters, Padawans ascended to the rank of Journeyer and were charged with completing their training independently at each of the Great Temples.[1]

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