Padawan Kesh, or the Je'daii Academy was one of nine temples of the Je'daii Order located on the verdant world of Tython. A large stone structure, the Temple at Padawan Kesh served as the Order's academy for initiates who had not yet reached the age to become a Padawan.


When the philosophers and scholars from across the galaxy first arrived on Tython, they were brought forth from the stars on giant pyramidal constructs called the Tho Yor. These nine massive ships scattered across the planet and landed in separate locations, releasing those held within to settle the planet. The Tho Yor themselves would serve as the very foundations for these travelers' new homes and places of study.[2]

Encased in stone bricks and topped with several golden spires, the fortress-like temple at Padawan Kesh would serve the Je'daii Order as its academy for initiates, those too young to undertake the challenges of a Padawan. The Je'daii Temple Master, the Je'daii who served as steward of the facility and oversaw its functions, would see that all Initiates were taught the basics of the Force until the day a Je'daii Master took them as an apprentice. In 25,793 BBY Master Ruhr, a Wookiee, was the Temple's overseer.[2]



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