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"A fate worse than death."
Alpha-17's opinion on being assigned to the Pack[src]

The Padawan Pack was an ad-hoc unit of Jedi Padawans whose Masters had been killed in the Battle of Jabiim. It was hoped that a large group of inexperienced Jedi would equal the effectiveness of a smaller number of Knights or Masters. Of all the members of the Padawan Pack, only Anakin Skywalker survived. As the battle raged, the Padawan Pack fell one by one, sometimes together. Aubrie Wyn succeeded in killing the Jabiimi Nationalist leader Alto Stratus, but at the cost of her own life.

Members of the Padawan Pack[edit | edit source]

Each member of the Pack had lost their master during the fighting of the Clone Wars. After the deaths of all Knights and Masters on Jabiim, the Padawans charged into battle without leadership. During the battle, Anakin Skywalker was recalled to Coruscant by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Taking Master Sirrus's holocron, Anakin reluctantly retreated.

The pack battles the Jabiimi Nationalists.

On the fortieth day of battle, Tae Diath was the first to fall, killed by A-series assassin droids. Because of her psychic connection to Diath, Elora Sund was killed of psychic backlash. On the next day Windo Nend was crushed under the wheel of a Hailfire droid. Zule Xiss's life was ended by a falling AT-AT.

On day forty-two, Mak Lotor and Kass Tod died together after being bombarded by incoming missiles from a Hailfire droid. On the following day, Vaabesh's containment suit was breached, causing him to suffocate. Aubrie Wyn was the last to die, when she was killed in combat with Separatist commander Alto Stratus.

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