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Padmé Amidala's wardrobe was a vast collection of personal clothing owned by Padmé Amidala, who maintained the collection throughout her tenures as Queen and Senator of Naboo. Sometime after her death, Amidala's wardrobe was inherited by her daughter, Leia Organa.

Description[edit | edit source]

Padmé Amidala was a Naboo human female who served as Queen[1] and later Senator of her homeworld, the planet Naboo.[8] She maintained a large wardrobe of elegant, ornate, and occasionally elaborate disguises, dresses, and robes[1] throughout her life with the assistance of her handmaidens.[3] Many items in her wardrobe were decorated with the Symbol of the Royal House of Naboo,[10] also known as the Queen's crest.[3] After her death, her body was dressed in a funeral gown[11] that evoked the water she had loved in life.[3]

Royal attire[edit | edit source]

Eirtama Ballory: "Is this an original or a replica of a historical piece? It must be super uncomfortable."
Padmé Amidala: "It is. An original and uncomfortable, I mean."
Eirtama Ballory: "I can design one that looks exactly the same and weighs half as much. No one will know the difference except for us."
Suyan Higin: "Let me see that. Oh, yes, we can improve this. I think it was made before Karlini silk was imported in bulk, and there's no reason we can't duplicate it in a more wearable style. This one can go in a museum or something."
―The handmaidens soon to be known as Eirtaé and Yané discuss their new queen's wardrobe[src]

When dressed for her royal duties, Queen Amidala wore stylized makeup that included a scar of remembrance, a red stripe painted on the lower lip to symbolize the suffering endured by the Naboo before the Great Time of Peace.[10] Her fingernails were painted white,[1] though at times only her thumbnails were painted. The traditional royal makeup was also used by the queen's decoy, Sabé, when posing as the monarch for Padmé's protection. The queen's hairstyles were said to take several hours to perfect;[10] however, some of them were actually wigs and headpieces that matched her natural hair color. They were worn over her real hair, which was tightly-braided, pinned down, and gelled; the gel held the headpieces in place and prevented the wigs from itching.[2] The queen's makeup helped to mask her features and her headpieces distracted from her face; these made it easier for a decoy to serve in her place while she stepped into the role of a handmaiden.[3]

Two of Amidala's handmaidens, Eirtaé and Yané, had significant roles in establishing the queen's wardrobe after her election. Yané was a talented weaver and Eirtaé was an engineer. Working together, they designed garments and headpieces that were lighter in weight than they seemed to be while still having an elaborate appearance.[2] They incorporated additional considerations for Amidala's safety and security, such as fabrics treated with blaster-resistant resin and jewelry containing concealed recording devices or personal shields. The heaviest dresses served as a physical barrier surrounding the queen, but were also designed to be quickly removed when free movement and speed were needed.[3]

  • Senate gown[10]/Senate outfit.[12] As Queen Amidala addressed the Galactic Senate,[1] she wore a magnificent gown and hairstyle, expressing her people's culture through regal trappings that also helped her remain calm and aloof through the proceedings. Her escoffiate headdress included the Royal Sovereign of Naboo medal in the center, orichalc finework suspensas—strings of suspended beads—on either side of her face, golden hairbands, and grand finial hairtip ornaments at the ends of hair[10] which was styled to resemble the horns of a guarlara. She wore a cloak over an orange-shot gold silk taffeta robe[12] with embroidered rosette designs and gold, triple-braided soutache trim.[10]
  • Foreign residence gown.[12] After addressing the Senate, Amidala changed clothes.[1] Made with metallic thread and beads, the black gown was designed to acknowledge Amidala's sadness of being away from Naboo. Her hair was styled with an intricate foreknot draped over her forehead and decorative suspensas draped over each shoulder. The floor-length cyrene silk gown conveyed a sense of effortless movement and had decorative emblems made with antique beads.[10]
  • Dark purple traveling dress.[2] Another of Amidala's traveling gowns, the somber outfit[12] recognized her people's flight from Naboo.[10] It was made with dark purple velvet pieces that were fastened on and folded back to reveal colorful flashes of the purple silk underdress.[2] The outer sleeves were made of cerlin.[10] Her headdress combined an antique tiara, a mauve hair veil made of chersilk, and criss-crossed drapa bindings.[12] She wore it as she returned to retake her homeworld from Trade Federation, and again at the funeral of Qui-Gon Jinn.[1]
  • Jubilation dress.[14] For the victory parade celebrating the liberation of Naboo,[1] Amidala wore a traditional outfit that past queens had favored during times of great happiness.[10] It consisted of a white dress,[14] which was decorated with the symbol of the Royal House of Naboo;[10] an ivory organa net extending behind the head and shoulders, decorated with hand-stitched floral patterns[12] and jeweled finials around the edges; a royal diadem; and a petaled cape[10] made with layers of pale pink and yellow veils. Along with times of rejoicing, the dress could be worn for first meetings to demonstrate an expectation of success.[14]
  • Red, black, and gold gown.[13] When Jar Jar Binks asked Amidala to seek a Gungan relic with him, she wore a gown with a headdress that had fin-like decorations.[15]

Disguises[edit | edit source]

  • Flame-colored robes.[12] Padmé Amidala used this to disguise herself amongst her identically-dressed Naboo Royal Handmaidens during the Invasion of Naboo while her decoy, Sabé, posed as the queen.[1] As the flame-colored outer robe was not easily cleaned, it was worn over an under-robe made of orange Karlini silk.[2]
  • Peasant dress disguise.[12] Padmé Amidala disguised herself as a peasant while simultaneously posing as one of her own handmaidens during the visit to Mos Espa on Tatooine.[1]

Action attire[edit | edit source]

"You call this a diplomatic solution?"
"No, I call it aggressive negotiations."
―Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]
  • Battle dress.[19] Prior to and during the Battle of Naboo, Queen Amidala and her handmaidens wore identical uniforms comprised of a coat-like dress over pants, while Sabé wore a black-and-red,[1] largely-ceremonial battle dress as the queen's decoy.[10] The handmaidens' battle uniform was a maroon dress with gold trim stripes that were bright enough to see in the dark,[3] and it was made of velvet with a satin finish on the skirt's lining.[20] The royal version included broad waistband fastened over a surcoat, a headdress, and sturdy boots.[3] Amidala initially wore the outfit as a disguise for the first meeting with Boss Rugor Nass.[1] As a senator during the Clone Wars, she wore the handmaiden version for a skirmish on her homeworld.[21]
  • White action attire.[13] Senator Amidala wore white attire that included a two-piece outfit covering her from her neck to her feet,[8] and lightweight shin armor worn over practical boots with a good grip. Her hair was styled in intricately looped braids.[10] She first wore it with a white cloak when she visited Geonosis with Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker in search of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and they participated in the First Battle of Geonosis that began the Clone Wars. The original outfit was damaged by a nexu,[8] but during her visit to Ziro Desilijic Tiure on Coruscant, she wore a new version along with a white headpiece and cloak that extended down to knees.[22] She later wore the white outfit on a visit to Rodia with a purple cloak and headpiece decorated with the Naboo royal symbol.[23]
  • Tunic and leggings.[13] Amidala wore a tan suede tunic with leggings and a criss-crossed harness over her chest during her mission to Scipio.[32][33] She continued to wear this outfit during her pregnancy;[34] most notably, she wore this attire to Mustafar shortly after the formation of the Galactic Empire when she confronted her husband.[11]

Senatorial attire[edit | edit source]

"Working alongside such renowned senators as Mon Mothma of Chandrila and Onaconda Farr of Rodia, young Amidala is helping serve the galaxy while still respecting her homeworld via her style and manner of dress, called 'tasteful' and 'traditional chic.' Senator Amidala is a fresh new face that the Senate needs."
TriNebulon News[src]

When attending to Senatorial duties while pregnant, Amidala wore dresses with silhouettes that disguised her pregnancy.[11]

  • White travel robe.[13] Due to ongoing threats against Senator Amidala's life, Cordé was the senator's decoy upon arrival to Coruscant to oppose the Military Creation Act. She wore her hair in the style[8] previously worn by Amidala with her foreign residence gown,[12] along with a white robe with black beaded accents. Cordé was killed by a bomb set by the Clawdite bounty hunter Zam Wesell.[8]
  • Beaded indigo gown.[12] After Zam Wesell's first attempt to assassinate her, Senator Amidala visited Chancellor Palpatine's office while wearing gown consisting of a beaded dress under a patterned velvet overdress.[8] The gown's colors were sober, but it was made of rich fabric with ornate details. She wore it with a severe hairstyle that conformed to diplomatic etiquette, and a choker necklace that was a gift from the Naboo Royal Advisory Council.[10]
  • Dark velvet dress with gold panel.[12] Amidala wore this dress during her address to the Galactic Senate around one hour after she was almost assassinated.[40]
  • Blue-gray and gold dress.[13] Worn with a structured headpiece and wig rather than her natural hair, Amidala wore this on multiple occasions when meeting with dignitaries[41] or addressing the Senate,[18][42] and for other meetings as a senator.[28][29][43][44]
  • Tan and taupe dress.[13] Amidala wore this dress on Mandalore to have dinner with her friend, Duchess Satine Kryze, before they investigated a black market conspiracy.[28] She wore it during a conference on Alderaan to address the humanitarian problem of war refugees.[45]
  • Violet dress and vest.[13] Reminiscent of her beaded indigo gown, this attire had a structured vest made with purple brocade fabric similar to that of the gown's overdress, a violet dress with a turquoise decorative panel, and a belt.[18] She wore it for many functions as a senator.[42][43][45][46][47][48]
  • Red Senate dress.[13] When Amidala hosted a banquet for Senator Aang, she wore a red dress and headpiece.[49] She later wore it while trying to convince fellow senators to oppose a deregulation bill in the wake of the bombing of Coruscant's central power distribution grid and the subsequent attack that killed Mina Bonteri.[42]
  • Lavender-gray dress.[13] For her diplomatic mission to Clabron, Amidala wore a lavender-gray overdress with flared sleeves over a fitted turquoise garment, and a purple hooded cloak with fabric draped across her chest.[50]
  • Purple puff-sleeved dress.[12] This purple dress had puffed sleeves and a shawl with three clasps or broaches, worn with a crescent-shaped hair accessory. She wore it for the Festival of Light on Naboo,[51] during her mission to Scipio;[32] she later wore it with a revised silhouette during her pregnancy.[11]
  • Ambassadorial robes.[52] Amidala wore layered robes in a mix of light and dark shades of purple with abstract vine and floral designs. Her hair was styled in coiled twists beside and beneath her ears and a long braid down her back, with a thick headband over her forehead. She wore the robes when she attended a failed peace conference on Mandalore,[53] and both before[54] and during her mission to Scipio.[33] She wore a black version of the robes for what she believed was the funeral of Obi-Wan Kenobi; in truth, his death was staged to go undercover as Rako Hardeen.[55] Later, her purple robes were modified to conceal her pregnancy, and incorporated shades of red.[11] She wore them during one of the Cantham House meetings[56] with fellow representatives of the Delegation of 2,000 to discuss how to present the Petition of 2,000 to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine,[57] and when she voiced her concerns to Anakin about what the Republic had become.[11]
  • Peacock gown with brown overcoat.[12] When the representatives presented their petition to Palpatine,[57] Amidala wore a Naboo folk overcoat made with voorpak wool that had hand-sewn details.[12]
  • Green velvet dress.[12] As her husband considered his loyalties, she remained alone in her apartment.[11] She wore a hooded green velvet dress that displayed patterns of the House Bonteri, and a purple Onderon silk sash.[12]

Everyday attire[edit | edit source]

  • Packing dress.[13] Padmé wore a structured dress with a beaded center panel while packing for her involuntary trip to Naboo due to ongoing threats against her life. She would be accompanied by Anakin Skywalker.[8]
  • Lakeside gown.[3] For visits to the Varykino retreat in Naboo's Lake Country, Padmé had a backless gown that clasped around her neck. She brought it with her at the end of her second term as queen, and wore it covered with a shawl when Chancellor Palpatine visited her.[3] During her retreat with Anakin Skywalker, she wore the dress with her back uncovered.[8]
  • Summer meadow dress.[12] Padmé wore this dress for a picnic with Skywalker in the meadows of Naboo.[8] Hand-sewn roses accented her headband and golden dress, and she wore an embroidered tulle shawl.[12]
  • Tatooine attire.[13] The dress was paired with a hooded cloak that provided protection on Tatooine when she went with Skywalker to search for his mother. She removed the cloak at the Lars homestead.[8]
  • Embroidered overcoat.[12] At the Lars homestead,[8] Padmé wore a deep blue overdress with silk ribbons, handstitched satin decorations, and embroidered details. The overdress was layered over a lightweight, light blue pleated gown. Though seemingly out of place on Tatooine, it was simple and understated compared to other pieces in her wardrobe.[12]
  • Blue travel attire.[13] Padmé wore a blue and violet outfit on multiple occasions when she traveled, such as during the Blue Shadow Virus crisis on Naboo[26] and her mission to Cato Neimoidia.[43]
  • Coruscant casual dress.[13] On Coruscant, Padmé sometimes wore a relatively simple style of dress with a v-shaped neckline and patterned designs on its skirt. In her apartment, she wore a linen-colored version while preparing to host a party for Senator Aang.[49] She also had a version in olive green.[42]
  • Velvet cloak.[13] Padmé Amidala wore this cloak with a twin-bun hairstyle when she reunited with Anakin Skywalker.[11]
  • Beaded dress.[13] When Anakin told her of his uneasiness with the Jedi Council, she wore a beaded, dark-colored dress with her hair down and curled.[11]

Nightwear and robes[edit | edit source]

  • Coruscant nightdress.[13] Padmé Amidala wore a nightdress with billowing sleeves as she slept in her apartment on Coruscant the night of a second assassination attempt by Zam Wesell.[8]
  • Nightgown and robe.[13] Padmé wore this during her retreat to the Lake Country of Naboo.[8]
  • Starship nightdress.[13] Padmé was awakened from her sleep when Ahsoka Tano had a vision of Aurra Sing assassinating the senator.[45]
  • Silk nightdress.[12] She wore a nightdress with beads on a night when Anakin Skywalker joined her at her Coruscant apartment during the final days of the Republic.[11]
  • Aqua georgette nightgown.[12] During the final days of the Clone Wars and her pregnancy, she wore an aqua-colored nightdress in her apartment on Coruscant.[11] The embroidered nightgown had hand-stitched seed beads and shell details in royal-inspired patterns.[12]
  • Nightdress and robe.[12] Padmé was wearing a dark blue dressing gown with multicolored embroidered stripes down each arm when Obi-Wan Kenobi visited her apartment to tell her that Anakin had turned to the dark side.[11]

Formal attire[edit | edit source]

  • Black corset dress.[12] At the Varykino, Padmé had dinner with Anakin Skywalker while wearing a shawl over her[8] evening gown, which consisted of a black leather corset, a lace skirt with a metallic effect and a melodie skirtline, full-length fingerless gloves, and a jet collar necklace.[12]
  • Wedding dress.[12] Padmé Amidala wore this wedding dress at her secret wedding ceremony with Anakin Skywalker.[8] The hand-sewn, one-of-a-kind dress had a matching lace overdress with a train, pearl details, and sheer sleeves. The lace wedding veil had wax drop stamens and flowers.[12]
  • Dinner dress.[58] Senator Amidala wore this dress during her mission to Cato Neimoidia.[43]
  • High court outfit.[59] Amidala wore this outfit when she represented Ahsoka Tano at her trial.[60]
  • Black dress.[61] Amidala's opera attire was a black dress and attached choker with pearlescent accents, worn with her hair styled in twin buns.[54] Her dress was made with shimmery fabric that had a beadwork panel down the center, and her long gloves were spotted velvet. The floor-length dress covered her black satin flat shoes.[61]
  • Funeral gown.[13] The body of Padmé Amidala was dressed for her funeral on Naboo[11] to have the appearance of floating in water.[3] Afterward, her body was laid to rest in her tomb, which was guarded by a larger-than-life statue of Amidala in her throne room gown.[62]

History[edit | edit source]

Daughter of Naboo[edit | edit source]

"…Obi-Wan, you're sure there isn't anything of value left on board?"
"A few containers of supplies, the queen's wardrobe, maybe."
―Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

From her election to Queen of Naboo at the age of fourteen[63] up until her death[11] in 19 BBY,[64] Padmé Amidala maintained a vast personal wardrobe. This was a necessity as a queen[2] and senator attending official diplomatic functions. Depending on the occasion, she wore formal clothing selected from her wardrobe or utilized specialist equipment for physically-demanding situations.[8]

The creation of Queen Amidala's wardrobe began with her election. Initially, the wardrobe system attached to her dressing room was stocked with traditional and antique pieces. When she was joined by her handmaidens Eirtaé and Yané, they maintained and added to her wardrobe while additionally developing a corresponding wardrobe for the handmaidens. Yané also blended the cosmetics that were used while at the palace. As Amidala's intelligence officer, Rabé's public duty was wardrobe mistress, providing a reason for her to be near the queen and have access to her personal possessions. She directed the other handmaidens when selecting the queen's attire and packing for her travels.[2] Though Saché did not have a specific duty related to the wardrobe, she practiced styling the others' hair to assist with dressing quickly.[3]

The handmaidens wore identical outfits that complemented the queen's[10] or helped them fade into the background by matching colors to their surroundings.[3] They used hoods and similar makeup applications to resemble each other as much as possible and further obscure their individual identities. Hoods became a fashion trend on Naboo during Amidala's reign.[2]

A generic brand of makeup[2] and a portion of her wardrobe were kept on the Naboo Royal Starship for the queen's use while away from Naboo. After the ship and its passengers escaped the planet's invasion by the Trade Federation, they were forced to land on Tatooine for repairs. The price of the necessary parts and the need to raise funds in the local currency led Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi to comment on the queen's wardrobe as an item of value.[1]

After Amidala completed her two terms, four of her royal handmaidens retired from her service; only Sabé remained. When she became a senator with new handmaidens, Dormé stepped in as her new wardrobe mistress.[3]

The traditional jubilation dress was returned to royal service for other queens such as Dalné to wear. She kept it at her home on one of Naboo's moons, Onoam.[14]

Heirloom[edit | edit source]

Padmé Amidala's vast personal collection of clothes is carefully preserved after her death.

Following Padmé Amidala's death at the end of the Clone Wars,[11] her wardrobe was kept on Naboo. The wardrobe eventually found its way to Amidala's daughter, Leia Organa,[7] who had been adopted and raised on Alderaan by Bail and Breha Organa.[11] Though Leia had not known her birth mother in her lifetime, Amidala's wardrobe helped her daughter learn more about who she was.[7]

By around 32 to 34 ABY,[5] the wardrobe was stored in three separate repulsorlift container racks.[7] Within these rack were thin metal boxes inlaid with a magenta-colored material, with each box holding an individual set of clothing behind a metal grate; the leading box was hermetically sealed by an additional plate.[6] Padmé Amidala's lakeside gown[8] led one of these container racks.[7]

Hunt for Lor San Tekka[edit | edit source]

"Stunning. Just stunning."
"Yes. It belonged to my mother. They all did."
"She had excellent taste."
"It seems so. I only know her from the things she owned, and the stories told to me by people who knew her. These gowns were kept on Naboo for many years after her death, and eventually found their way to me. These matter to me, very much. I like to think of my granddaughter wearing them—if I ever have one. I want them kept safe."
―Baron Reya and Leia Organa[src]

Kept in three separate container racks, the wardrobe is given to Baron Maccon's vault for safekeeping as a ruse to rescue Lor San Tekka.

General Leia Organa, leader of the Resistance, sought to locate the scholar Lor San Tekka during her organization's Cold War against the First Order, as the scholar may have known the whereabouts of her missing brother, Jedi Luke Skywalker. After discovering San Tekka had been captured by House Maccon on Cato Neimoidia,[65] Organa and her bodyguard, Suralinda Javos, traveled to the planet aboard the general's personal ship in search of the prisoner for extraction.[7]

Poe Dameron hides amongst the wardrobe boxes

Brought to the Neimoidian purse world, Leia Organa plotted to implant the containers holding her mother's wardrobe into the palace of Baron Paw Maccon, where Lor San Tekka was being held prisoner.[7] Two of the wardrobe racks were led by boxes modified with a breath mask device that allowed for a human to be stored alive. Poe Dameron hid inside one of these boxes, as the Resistance planned for Dameron to emerge and extract San Tekka via the wardrobe containers.[66] After a staged incident, Organa would seemingly believe the palace had proven too insecure for her valuables to remain there. If the plan succeeded, she would remove the containers with San Tekka inside to her vessel, bringing him and the wardrobe to safety with the Resistance.[9]

First Order intervention[edit | edit source]

"Almost a pity."
"Terex, you know those gowns belonged to one of the great heroes of galactic history, no? Padmé Amidala."
"I'm more concerned with their more recent owner, Lor. These were Leia Organa's. That woman is crafty. Who knows what she might have hidden in these crates? Explosives, poisons… anything. I want them off this ship. And getting rid of these crates while we're in hyperspace means no one will ever see them again. If that causes Organa some future pain, well… so much the better."
―Agent Terex and Lor San Tekka, as the former jettisons the wardrobe into hyperspace[src]

The wardrobe is jettisoned into hyperspace

The mission to Cato Neimoidia did not succeed. First Order forces arrived, seeking Luke Skywalker's whereabouts to prevent the Jedi Master from joining forces with their enemy, the Resistance.[9]

A brief exchange of fire ensued between Baron Maccon's clientele and First Order forces, during which Lor San Tekka initially escaped amidst the confusion—with help from the Resistance—by hiding inside a wardrobe box and being evacuated from Baron Maccon's vault as the Resistance had planned. After the wardrobe and San Tekka had been loaded aboard Organa's ship, the First Order Security Bureau's Agent Terex abducted San Tekka by commandeering Organa's ship, including the wardrobe.[66] Cautious of Resistance tracking beacons, Terex jettisoned Amidala's wardrobe from an airlock as their stolen craft traversed through hyperspace.[6]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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