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"…Obi-Wan, you're sure there isn't anything of value left on board?"
"A few containers of supplies, the Queen's wardrobe, maybe."
Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

Padmé Amidala's wardrobe was a vast collection of the Naboo's personal clothing. Padmé Amidala maintained this throughout her tenures as Queen and Senator of Naboo.

History[edit | edit source]

The daughter of Naboo[edit | edit source]

Padmé Amidala had a vast personal collection of clothes.

Padmé Amidala, Queen[2] and later Senator of Naboo,[6] maintained a large wardrobe of elegant, ornate, and occasionally elaborate disguises, dresses, and robes throughout her life.[2] From the age of fourteen[8] up until her death,[9] Amidala frequently attended official, diplomatic functions in her lifelong tenures as queen and senator with embellished, formal clothing selected from her wardrobe, whilst also taking specialist equipment from her variety of clothing for physically demanding occasions.[6]

Heirloom[edit | edit source]

"Stunning. Just stunning."
"Yes. It belonged to my mother. They all did."
"She had excellent taste."
"It seems so. I only know her from the things she owned, and the stories told to me by people who knew her. These gowns were kept on Naboo for many years after her death, and eventually found their way to me. These matter to me, very much. I like to think of my granddaughter wearing them—if I ever have one. I want them kept safe."
―Reya and Leia Organa[src]

Following Padmé Amidala's death at the end of the Clone Wars,[9] her wardrobe[1] was kept on her homeworld[2] Naboo. The wardrobe eventually found its way to Amidala's daughter, Leia Organa.[1]

Hunt for Lor San Tekka[edit | edit source]

Kept in three separate container racks, and each set of clothing in a thin metal box, the wardrobe was given to Baron Maccon's vault for safekeeping.

General Leia Organa, leader of the Resistance, sought to locate the scholar Lor San Tekka during her organization's Cold War against the First Order in hopes of finding her brother, Jedi Luke Skywalker, whom the scholar may know the wherabouts of. With the discovery of San Tekka being captured by House Maccon on Cato Neimoidia,[10] Organa, along with her bodyguard, Suralinda Javos, travelled to the planet aboard the general's personal ship in search of the prisoner for extraction.[1]

Brought to the Neimoidian purse world, Leia Organa plotted to first implant the containers in which her mother's wardrobe was held in into the palace of Baron Paw Maccon, in which their target for extradition was situated.[1] The Resistance planned to hide the captive Lor San Tekka within a container box before deciding to remove the wardrobe from the palace Organa would fear to be insecure. The prisoner and the containers would then be taken aboard Organa's vessel, and be brought to the safety of the Resistance.[7]

First Order intervention[edit | edit source]

"Almost a pity."
"Terex, you know those gowns belonged to one of the great heroes of galactic history, no? Padmé Amidala."
"I'm more concerned with their more recent owner, Lor. These were Leia Organa's. That woman is crafty. Who knows what she might have hidden in these crates? Explosives, poisons… anything. I want them off this ship. And getting rid of these crates while we're in hyperspace means no one will ever see them again. If that causes Organa some future pain, well… so much the better."
―Agent Terex and Lor San Tekka, as the former jettisons the wardrobe into hyperspace[src]

The wardrobe is jettisoned into hyperspace

However, during this mission to Cato Neimoidia, Lor San Tekka was to be taken instead by First Order forces, as the Order also sought Luke Skywalker, albeit to prevent the Jedi Master from joining forces with their enemy, the Resistance.[7]

A brief exchange of fire ensued between Baron Maccon's clientele and First Order forces, during which Lor San Tekka escaped amidst the confusion—with help from the Resistance—by hiding inside a container that made up Amidala's wardrobe. Evacuated from Baron Maccon's vault and loaded aboard Organa's ship, all was proceeding as the Resistance had planned, until the First Order Security Bureau's Agent Terex abducted Lor San Tekka by commandeering Leia Organa's ship, alongside the wardrobe.[11] Cautious of Resistance tracking beacons, Terex jettisoned the wardrobe from an airlock as their stolen craft traversed through hyperspace.[5]

Wardrobe crates[edit | edit source]

Poe Dameron hides amongst the wardrobe boxes

By around 32 to 34 ABY,[4] the wardrobe was stored in three separate repulsorlift container racks,[1] within which were thin metal boxes inlaid with a magenta-colored material that held an individual set of clothing behind a metal grate, with the leading box hermetically sealed by an additional plate.[5] One of the container racks were led by Padmé Amidala's villa retreat dress,[1][6] whilst the remaining two were led by an empty metal box with a breath mask device that allowed for a human to be stored in alive.[11]

Contents[edit | edit source]

Royal attire[edit | edit source]

Throne Room[12]/Regal[13] robe. Padmé Amidala's throne-room robe was the most lavish and designed to delight visiting dignitaries from other worlds.[12] Amidala wore this when she spoke to the Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray and the Naboo Royal Advisory Council during the Invasion of Naboo.[2]

Lilac visitation[14] robe. Amidala wore this robe when she stayed at Senator Palpatine's apartment.[2]

Senate robe. Amidala's Senate Robe was a magnificent robe with a equally magnificent hairstyle. The robe's regal trappings also helped Amidala remain calm and aloof[12] as she spoke to the Galactic Senate.[2]

Foreign Residence robe. Amidala's foreign residence robe was black and was designed to acknowledge her sadness of being away from Naboo.[12]

Traveling robe. Amidala's traveling robe was a somber outfit that recognized her people's flight.[12] She wore it as she returned to retake her homeworld from Trade Federation.[2]

Jubilation/Parade[14] dress. Amidala's jubilation dress was a traditional outfit favored by past queens of Naboo during times of great happiness.[12] Amidala wore this outfit for Naboo's Victory Parade.

Disguises[edit | edit source]

Handmaiden dress. Standard attire for the Naboo Royal Handmaidens, Amidala used this as a disguise during the Invasion of Naboo.

Peasant dress disguise. Amidala wore this for the visit to Tatooine.

Pilot disguise. The pilot disguise was worn by Senator Amidala on her journey to Coruscant.

Refugee gown. Amidala's disguise for her retreat to Naboo.

Action attire[edit | edit source]

Battle dress. Queen Amidala wore this during the Battle[2] and skirmish on Naboo.[15]

Geonosis attire. Senator Amidala wore the white attire on Geonosis, participating in the first battle of the Clone Wars. This includes a white neck garment that extends down to the feet.[6]

Coruscant/Rodia attire. Amidala wore a white attire very similar to the Geonosis attire along with a white head and neck garment that extends down to knees during her visit to Ziro Desilijic Tiure on Coruscant.[16] She later wore a white attire of the same kind with a purple head and neck garment on the visit to Rodia.[17]

Malevolence attire. Senator Amidala wore the attire aboard the Separatist flagship the Malevolence.[18]

Hazmat suit. Amidala made use of a hazmat suit during the hunt for Nuvo Vindi's laboratory on Naboo.

Aquatic suit. Amidala wore an underwater suit on Mon Cala during the aquatic battle there.

Senator attire[edit | edit source]

Beaded indigo dress. Amidala wore this dress in Chancellor Palpatine's office after Zam Wesell attempted to assassinate the senator[6] and in a session of the senate when she was confronted by Anakin Skywalker about the spying mission she had denied.[19] For this outfit, Padmé wore a dark indigo bodice and skirt under a dark purple overcoat. The bodice was studded with beads and pearls along the low-cut neckline, and the front panel of the skirt was decorated with dark, beaded scrollwork, as were the sleeves. The overcoat was decorated with intricate swirls, almost resembling a river as it flowed down to touch the floor. The shoulders of the overcoat were flared and decorated with beads. The long sleeves were done in the same fabric as the overcoat, with a slit to show the sleeves of the bodice, with those full sleeves showing the smaller sleeves within them. Her hair was in a style almost resembling a cone, held in place with a metal headpiece. It was a severe hairstyle, one which conformed to diplomatic etiquette. She also wore a neckband given to her by the Naboo Council.

Dark velvet dress. Amidala wore this dress during her address to the Galactic Senate two hours after she was almost assassinated.[6] This dark blue velvet dress included a peek-a-boo panel of golden yellow, with the lapel and collar turned up. Connected to the either side of underside of the collar was a glossy, crimped scarf-like shawl that met at her mid-back, held together by a large, beaded ribbon. The ends drifted part as they reached her ankles. The full sleeves were tied off at the elbow, giving way to a drawn-up sleeve of lustrous material. The yellow panel was decorated with needlework, especially around the high collar, which was decorated with beads. The surcoat was embellished with large Naboo designs along the inner hem dine in light yellow thread, and the trim was a light shade of blue. Her hair was done in an intricate upside-down dual-fan shape, with a half-crescent bun in the back. She also wore a small jeweled diadem.

Purple puff-sleeved dress. This outfit began with a low-cut, glossy purple dress decorated with swirling embroidery. Over this she wore soft, fluffy, dark blue, V-neck cloak, clasped with two beaded tassels. Down her shoulders and the side of her sleeves ran an intricately embroidered floral pattern. There were beaded tassels where this pattern met the neck, and her sleeves were loose. It was obvious she was not expecting company, as this dress did not hide her pregnancy very well. Her hair was done in a simple style, with it curled along the side until it met in the back. It was held behind her head with a wide, embossed, silver band with three other, smaller bands at intervals down the length of her hair. Her headpiece consisted of four metal headbands sprouting from the thick of her twisted hair.

Packing dress. Amidala wore this in her apartment while packing her necessities for her trip to Naboo and eventually Tatooine.[6] This outfit consisted of a light gray blouse with puff sleeves that were drawn tight at the upper arm to become long sleeves. Silver bands, four on each side, encircled the sleeves along the upper arm. The skirt was of a darker gray, and was pleated just so it rippled. Under this skirt she wore an uncomfortable blast-dampening underskirt. Over the blouse she wore a high-collared, double-breasted corset of a darker gray material. The front of the corset, where it overlapped, was decorated with fine embroidery, and within the corset was a light armor used for protection. Her hair was done in unique semi-crescent buns on the sides of her head, and she wore a delicate headpiece made of embossed pieces of metal connected by tiny silver chains. The subdued colors of the dress expressed her grave mood.

Peacock dress. She wore this billowy, somber dress when meeting with Chancellor Palpatine to discuss the conclusion that he had grasped and held on to too much power.[9] The glossy turquoise dress was shaped like an upside-down cone, and tightly folded in tiny pleats all around. It had a high collar which traveled far up her throat. The puff sleeves were drawn at the lower arm, and beads dangled from the cuff. Over this she wore a long, brown, layered vest that was somewhat triangular from the front, with a cape that went over her arms. Tassels hung off each point, and the entire coat was decorated in scrollwork done in ribbon. Her headdress was unique, shaped like a rectangle with an in-facing scalloped front. From the point back, centered on her forehead, was done with strings of coppery metal in serpentine swirls. The sides were done in a decorative yet simple style in a grayish metal with Padmé's hair done in myriad tight ringlets resembling strings of beads.

Blue Gray dress. Amidala wore this dress often. The dress had two main parts. The under-dress was a dark blue, with a gray waistband. The band had designs on it. The over-dress was a lighter blue that split at the middle with similar designs as the waistband. The shoulders were puffed, and the sleeves had similar designs as the band. Her hair was held in a silver headdress, split into two sections in the back. It had a strip of metal that went around her head, and had rectangular breaks that showed her hair.

Revelation dress. This outfit began with a low-cut, glossy purple dress decorated with swirling embroidery. Over this she wore soft, fluffy, dark blue, V-neck cloak, clasped with two beaded tassels. Down her shoulders and the side of her sleeves, there ran an intricately embroidered floral pattern. There were beaded tassels where this pattern met the neck, and her sleeves were loose. It was obvious she was not expecting company, as this dress did not hide her pregnancy very well. Her hair was done in a simple style, with it curled along the side until it met in the back. It was held behind her head with a wide, embossed, silver band with three other, smaller bands at intervals down the length of her hair. Her headpiece consisted of four metal headbands sprouting from the thick of her twisted hair.

Delegation dress. Padmé wore a long, green dress during the meeting of the Delegation of 2000 in her apartment.[9] The dress was somewhat conical, which disguised her pregnancy well. The V-neck of the dress was accented with a small jeweled pendant with dangling beads. The dress had long, loose sleeves, and was decorated with intricate motifs. A wide purple sash was tied around her just above her swollen belly, adding a splash of color to the outfit. The dress also included a hood, which she frequently wore up. She had her hair down and curled when she called the meeting.

Red Senate dress. This dress had a light red middle section of the shirt. The sleeves were a darker red up to her forearm. There, the color changed to a very dark red. Additionally she wore fingerless gloves and brown boots. Her headpiece was also red, with a jewel in the front, and it rested on the top of her head. Her hair curved down by her ears so it was held firmly in place.

Conference dress. Senator Amidala wore this dress on a mission to Alderaan, where she led a conference addressing the humanitarian problem of the war refugees.[20] The dress consisted of two pieces. The underlying dress was a long-sleeved, pleated, brown dress. This was covered by a tan sleeveless tunic that split at the middle. Ornate designs traced the boarder of the split. The senator accessorized with a silver necklace and a silver headdress. Her hair was bunched into two buns hidden by the high collar.

Velvet cloak. She wore a simple purple dress almost completely covered by a rich, voluminous, dark purple robe that enfolded her almost completely. The underside of this cloak was decorated with a spotted pattern. This voluminous robe was designed to disguise her pregnancy, and, coincidentally, blended in fairly well with the shadow she hid in to meet Anakin.[9] She also sported an elaborate coiffure twin-bun hairstyle that originated in Naboo, a hairstyle which her daughter would later mirror. The dress also included a pair of heirloom suspensas.

Visiting attire. This beautiful outfit combined a range of fabrics and colors to bring together a unique look. She wore an iridescent purple dress decorated with scrollery, especially as it neared the hem. The side of the dress was grayer, with swirling designs done in needlework, as were the sleeves. She wore a purple full-shoulder pauldron decorated with swirling designs, clasped with an umber disc. Under this was a dark purple cape with scrollery around the edges. The collar was studded with beads, as were the ends of the inner sleeves. Her hair was done in a unique style, with small buns on each side and a small loop beneath each of them. The rest of her hair was gathered up in a braid, with a strip made out of silvery material braided in with it. An umber, jewel-studded headband completed the outfit.

Beaded dress. When Anakin further told Padmé of his uneasiness with the Jedi Council, she wore a purple dress with her hair down and curled.[9] A simple pattern was found throughout the dress. It was decorated with a kind of belt made from black beads, centered around a large black jewel with dangling beads. She wore a matching necklace. Over this was a black lace housecoat.

Green dress. This dress was a light olive green above the waist, then below it shifted to a darker olive green. The skirt had simple designs on it. The shirt was long sleeved, with no designs on the top. She wore a simple silver headband. A light gray variant of this dress was also worn by Padmé.

Travel attire[edit | edit source]

Summer meadow dress.[14] Amidala wore this dress for a picnic with Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker in the meadows of Naboo.

Villa retreat dress. Amidala wore this dress during her retreat to her home planet, Naboo.[6]

Tatooine attire. The dress came with a cloak and was worn by Amidala on Tatooine. She removed the cloak at the Lars homestead.[6]

Embroiled overcoat. Padmé wore a long, light blue, pleated under-dress that swept the floor, with an off-the-shoulder blue, star-shaped poncho over it. This poncho was decorated with bright embroidery in flower shapes on her sleeve with silver along the hem of the sleeve, and an intricate, circular pattern at the apex of the bottom of the poncho. Ribbons decorated with beads hung off the lower hem. Her hair was worn down while wearing this loose dress.

Dinner dress.[21] Amidala wore this dress during her mission to Cato Neimoidia.[19]

Black corset dress. Amidala's night attire on Cato Neimoidia.[19]

Mustafar attire. Amidala wore this attire to Mustafar shortly after the formation of the Galactic Empire.[9]

Birthing robe. Amidala wore this robe on Polis Massa as she gave birth to Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, dying shortly after.[9]

Blue Travel attire. This outfit was worn by Padmé on multiple occasions such as when she returned to Naboo during the Blue Shadow Virus Crisis[22] as well as during her voyage to Cato Neimoidia.[19] This outfit consisted of multiple pieces. The turtle-necked top had two layers of blue-shaded fabric that exposed her abdomen. The lower part of the outfit was composed of long, light blue pants with a waist shawl clasped together with a heavily decorated clasp. The outfit also sported silver arm bands and an ornate headdress.

Nightwear[edit | edit source]

Coruscant nightdress. The Senator wore this in her apartment in bed on Coruscant.

Nightdress and robe. The Senator wore this during her retreat to the Lake Country of Naboo.

Aqua Georgette nightgown.[14] Senator Amidala wore the nightdress in her apartment on Coruscant during the final days of the Clone Wars.

Silk nightdress.[14] Amidala owned the nightdress during the final years of the Republic.

Formal attire[edit | edit source]

High court outfit.[23] Amidala wore this outfit when she represented Ahsoka Tano at her trial.[24]

Wedding dress. Padmé Amidala wore this wedding dress at her wedding with Anakin Skywalker on the lake retreat Varykino in the Lake Country of Naboo.

Funeral dress. The body of Amidala was dressed for her funeral on Naboo.

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