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Pak Pak, also known as Neimoidian,[1] was the main language spoken/conveyed by the Neimoidians. Pak Pak was both a verbal and nonverbal way of Neimoidian communication.

Verbal Pak Pak[]

Verbal Pak Pak was the main spoken Neimoidian tongue before the species began to learn and speak Galactic Basic Standard, though it was very similar. It was noted that when an observer noticed two or more Neimoidians engaged Pak Pak, they heard a "chorus of staccato guttural croaks of infinite and subtle variety" that had a "certain musical beauty to it."

Originally, all Neimoidians used Pak Pak, but as the race began to expand across the galaxy, the greedy Neimoidians realized that, in order to trade with other species, they needed to learn to speak more Basic.

The spoken Neimoidian language was based on deep sounds produced by the throat of Neimoidians, and in order to speak this properly, the speaker would have to vary the shape of their throat cavity. Because of the difficulty non-Neimoidians had producing these sounds, the Neimoidians started to learn and speak Basic, although with a noticeable accent.

Still, Pak Pak was the dominant language on Neimoidia and the three Neimoidian purse worlds: Cato Neimoidia, Deko Neimoidia, and Koru Neimoidia.

This form of Pak Pak could have possibly been a form of the Duros language Durese, since the Neimoidians were in fact descendants of Duros.

The name of the flagship of the Trade Federation that ran the blockade over Naboo, Saak'ak, was probably Pak Pak and meant "profiteer."

Ebenn Q3 Baobab penned a document titled Sonic Guide to Native Neimoidian which instructed non-Neimoidians how to speak Pak Pak and was included in the packaging of a special vocabulator needed for alien species the Neimoidian's native language. The document was also included in Baobab's manual "Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide".

Nonverbal Pak Pak[]

Nonverbal Pak Pak was conveyed through complex hand gestures.

Nonverbal Pak Pak was mainly used privately by those remaining isolated on their homeworld.

Speaking in Pak Pak[]

Basic phrases[]

  • L'a heeting. ("Greetings.")
  • Wahr koom. ("Welcome.")
  • Kood b'vy. ("Goodbye.")
  • Myo yu h'umble zh' ervant, l'ard. ("I am your humble servant, sir.")
  • Ranka yu. ("Thank you.") (Considered very rare, archaic)
  • Kagwe! ("Fire!" (weapons))
  • Drof yo rehpon. ("Drop your weapon.")
  • Donc chooze! ("Don't shoot!")
  • E'ee zuranda. ("I surrender.")
  • Zuwenda! ("Surrender!")
  • Aands zup! ("Hands up!")
  • Retweet! ("Retreat")

Advanced phrases[]

  • M'yo vovam consulta cohort. ("I will consult my legal adviser.")
  • Pay eez pon del riva. ("Payment is required upon delivery.")
  • Taz, uv cosa, be addad. ("Tax, of course, will be added.")
  • Myo 'aye brawd da contrak. ("I have brought the contract.")
  • E'ee neet moor tyme cho consider da deel. ("I need more time to consider the deal.")
  • Mind yo hyead! ("Mind your head.")
  • Do va needa eh bandaga? ("Do you need a bandage?")
  • Dyo ciela lamp con be repaced. ("The ceiling lamp can be replaced.")
  • Howda reather up there? ("How's the weather up there?")
  • Ver iz da ezkapa pud? ("Where is the escape pod?")
  • Deaktivot yo droidhas. ("Deactivate your droids.")
  • Jetizzon da kargoz. ("Jettison the cargo.")
  • E'ee ave yo ship in myo zights. ("I have your ship in my sights.")
  • Myo not fee werr. ("I do not feel well.")
  • Ees a doktur ear? ("Is there a doctor nearby?")
  • Myo vould rike to rie down. ("I would like to lie down.")
  • E'ee nee to go to da vatstu datsa. ("I need to go to the waste collection chamber.")

Common words[]

  • dleefnarc trade agreement
  • shanatrun torture chamber
  • dleef yrag trade show
  • d'nooby bribe
  • fo d'nooby donation
  • forz fowa force field
  • contrak contract
  • dwarfnut fool
  • bwasta laser blaster
  • cohorta lawyer
  • trod umbarga trade embargo
  • spabcrak spacecraft

Counting in Pak Pak[]

  • 1 Von
  • 2 Thoo
  • 3 Vree
  • 4 Voor
  • 5 Vyiiv
  • 6 Six
  • 7 Zevan
  • 8 Ate'a
  • 9 Nine
  • 10 Taen
  • 20 Teventee
  • 50 Vivtee
  • 100 Wunhunard

Notable non-native speakers of Pak Pak[]

Behind the scenes[]

In the German version of the prequel trilogy, the Neimoidians were given French accents. In the French, Spanish and Italian versions, the Neimoidians were given Russian accents. In the American versions, however, the Neimoidians were given thick Asian accents, in particular Japanese and, in the case of Nute Gunray, Thai.



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