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Pak Taldine was a male Zabrak criminal who served The Tomb and fought against the Sith Empire on Belsavis during the Galactic War.


In 3653 BBY, during the Treaty of Coruscant, Taldine was a notorious armed robber who was responsible for the deaths of numerous innocents but at last his bloodlust isolated him from even his own criminal gang.

Around 3642 BBY, Pak was betrayed by his lieutenants, arrested by the Republic and shipped off to Belsavis for the rest of his life. Here however Pak looking to the worst criminal scum in the galaxy changed his mind and walked the path of redemption, gaining the trust of the prison wardens and becoming the only prisoner on Belsavis to become an official guard–albeit one who can never leave.

He was present after warning Enna Tabord to wait inside until the Hero of Tython arrived, but the Jedi had decided to scout the area instead and had been mortally injured after an encounter with an Imperial patrol. He eventually met the Jedi and revealed that Tabord had given the Zabrak all of her information on Krannus' plans before dying of her wounds. Warning the Hero that the weapons emplacements were too well-defended, Taldine suggested that the Knight take out the energy relays in order to power the region when the Jedi began to think of other options. The Republic facility they were in had a set of ion charges, which could be used to simultaneously to knock out the relays and disrupt the power grid, so the Taldine was ordered to wait in the base until the Hero's signal to detonate.

Upon the placement of the second charge, Paldine was able to trigger the charges, which disabled the ray shields and allowed access to the South Power Generator Facility. There, the Zabrak intercepted a distress call from Doctor Gantrell, who claimed that his team's sector had been overrun and the Imperials were searching for them. Eventually, Pak explained to the Jedi about Doctor Gantrell's work in the High Security Section where the entire staff had been implanted with sub-dermal tracking chips.

After helping the Hero in defeating Krannus and his Death Cult, Pak was taken to a Republic base under the command of Colonel Bartaph. Taldine, who had been captured with a gang of prisoners that had been attacking prison guards, wanted to undo the things he did as a criminal. Despite Bartaph's skepticism, the Zabrak claimed that he had changed during his time on the planet for nearly a decade and that he really wanted to help the Republic in winning the war against the Empire. The Hero vouched for Pak, citing his assistance in stopping Krannus. Though she couldn't release Pak, Bartaph agreed to restore his guard status. Bartaph later located Warden Playt's notes, which also confirmed Pak's story.


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