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"They were all exceptional. Atuarre, the Trianii, and her cub, Pakka. Rekkon picked them and brought out the best in them."
―Han Solo[src]

Pakka was a male Trianii who, while still a cub, participated in the liberation of the Corporate Sector prison Stars' End in 2 BBY. The son of two Trianii Rangers, Pakka spent part of his youth on the border world of Fibuli, and was captured by the Corporate Sector Authority during their violent annexation of the planet. Pakka was tortured so brutally he was rendered unable to speak, and while his mother Atuarre managed to rescue him, his father Keeheen vanished into Authority custody. Pakka and his mother soon joined a group of friends and family searching for missing loved ones, and discovered Keeheen's presence in the secretive Stars' End facility. Along with notorious Corellian smuggler Han Solo, the two Trianii caused the facility's failure, freeing the prisoners and reuniting their family.


"What the flying— Pakka? Pakka, didn't you, I mean, where's Atuarre? Dammit, kid, how'd you get here?"
―Han Solo to Pakka, during the liberation of Stars' End[src]

Pakka (middle) with his parents, Keeheen (left) and Atuarre (right), prior to the annexation of Fibuli.

A male Trianii, Pakka was the son of a pair of the elite law enforcement organization known as the Trianii Rangers. His father, Keeheen, was the youngest fully commissioned Ranger in history, and his mother, Atuarre, joined the force after the two were married. As such, Pakka grew up in the itinerant life of the Rangers, never settling on any one world for long. When the cub was still young, his parents were assigned to patrol the frontier planet Fibuli, a flashpoint in the long-running border conflict between the Trianii and the Corporate Sector Authority. Although their life on Fibuli was relatively quiet for a time, until the Authority finally moved in force to annex Fibuli in 2 BBY. Pakka's parents took up arms as part of the local resistance, but they were quickly overwhelmed in a matter of months; Pakka and his father were captured during the fighting, and brutally tortured[2] by Security Police forces searching for the group's ringleaders.[1]

Atuarre soon managed to rescue Pakka in a daring raid on a transport ship,[2] but the cub was so traumatized by his time in Authority custody that he had been rendered unable to speak. That didn't stop Pakka from joining his mother on another mission soon afterward: finding and saving the still-missing Keeheen. The two Trianii discovered that Keeheen was far from the first being in the area of the Corporate Sector to have mysteriously disappeared in recent months, and linked up with a group of friends and family searching for their lost loved ones that was led by an academic named Rekkon: over the course of a month, they slowly infiltrated an Authority Data Center on the planet Orron III that they hoped contained the whereabouts of the missing. They were soon joined by reinforcements in Corellian smuggler Han Solo and his Wookiee companion Chewbacca, who had been enlisted to provide a getaway and brought with them two droids, Bollux and Blue Max, which expedited the process of downloading relevant information from the data center. Pakka, Atuarre and fellow conspirator Torm Dadeferron arrived as the droids were finishing their work, although their introductions were interrupted when Blue Max notified the group that the Security Police had detected their presence and were moving on their position.[1]

With the help of Blue Max—which used its access to the Authority's systems to spoof alarms all over the planet—Pakka and his confederates managed to narrowly escape the facility just ahead of a squad of police, stealing a skimmer and making a break for the nearby spaceport. However, pursuing police managed to force the skimmer to crash in a field, and as Pakka was dragged by his mother to safety, police managed to capture Chewbacca. Without the Wookiee, the group reformed, returned to Solo's Millennium Falcon and fled to hyperspace. But while the immediate threat of Authority capture was gone, any hope of peace was short-lived. Not long after the Falcon entered hyperspace, Rekkon—who had suspected there was an informant in his group—was found dead, slumped over the ship's dejarik board with a blaster wound in his back. Solo quickly deduced that Dadeferron was the killer and managed to subdue him with the two Trianii's help before spacing him out of the ship's airlock.[1]

Pakka's family reunites after the liberation of Stars' End.

There was one fortunate aspect to Rekkon's death: before he had been shot, he had gotten the chance to examine the data taken from Orron III and write down the presumed location of the Corporate Sector's missing, a place on Mytus VII referred to as "Stars' End." With two more of their number gone, the survivors of Rekkon's group continued onward to the Mytus system, finding it to be a desolate asteroid and Stars' End a heavily guarded prison. However, Solo came up with an idea to get them inside: the crew of the Millennium Falcon would pose as entertainers, with the energetic and agile Pakka performing acrobatics alongside his mother, a trained dancer. Together they energized the crowd, more than passing muster in front of an audience that included Authority Security Division Viceprex Mirkovig Hirken.[1]

It was all a distraction, of course, drawing the attention of the prison's personnel away as Solo and Blue Max trawled the facility's systems for the locations of the prisoners, which they soon found. Meanwhile, the unimpressed Hirken cut the Trianii's performance short, wanting to see Bollux fight his Mark X Executioner gladiator droid, leading the mother and cub to leave for the Falcon. As they approached the ship, Stars' End was suddenly rocked by a massive explosion—the result of a duel between Solo and Hirken's bodyguard, Uul-Rha-Shan—and Pakka and his mother watched in shock as the prison blasted off the surface of Mytus VII into the sky above. The two Trianii immediately fought their way through several Security Police to the Falcon, with the young cub even dispatching one trooper with a flying dropkick. Atuarre took the freighter's controls and using the its tractor beam to attach to it a tunnel-tube junction station, which had more than enough space to hold the prisoners freed due to the power failure. With the station in place, Atuarre docked the ship on the hurtling prison and led the freed prisoners to safety, joyously reuniting with a safe and sound Keeheen on the way off Stars' End.[1]

With the family at last together again, Pakka's parents decided to take a year off from active patrol duty and settle down, hoping to give Pakka a chance to enroll in school and adjust to a normal life. Word traveled quickly that the new student had fought against the Corporate Sector Authority, making Pakka immediately popular among his peers, and the cub began to make friends for the first time. After several weeks, Pakka even began to haltingly speak again, showing that he was starting to overcome his trauma.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"The cub, Pakka. He was in Authority custody, and they messed with him. That's why he doesn't talk."
―Han Solo[src]

A strong young Trianii, Pakka was blessed with his father's energy and his mother's grace and athleticism. Those traits made him well-suited to the traveling life of the Rangers, even though the lack of a settled upbringing ensured that he formed few friendships with other youths. However, his development was waylaid by his capture and torture at the hands of the Security Police, as he was left unable to speak for a long period of time.[2] However, despite all he had been through, Pakka proved to be a willing fighter and unfailingly loyal to Rekkon's group, and the young cub even managed to best Security Police personnel with his uncommon agility.[1] Ultimately, his trauma began to subside several weeks after the end of the ordeal on Stars' End: settled and comfortable, he finally began to make friends of his own age and started to speak once again.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Pakka first appeared in Han Solo at Stars' End, a novel written by Brian Daley and released in 1979,[1] and was pictured by Alfredo Alcala in the story's comic adaptation.[3] Pakka was later illustrated by Mike Vilardi in 1993's Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Sourcebook, which provided much of the Trianii's backstory.[2]



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