The palace of Gorga the Hutt was located on Tatooine, and was similar in form and function to the structure inhabited by his late uncle Jabba. It was used primarily as a vacation retreat overseen by Gorga's majordomo, Ding. One year after Jabba's Palace had fallen to the B'omarr Monks Gorga's Palace had become the new headquarters of his resurrected Empire.

During the New Republic era it was supported by Hutt Space and during the Yuuzhan Vong War most of Hutt Space was devastated by the invaders, it was the base of operations for the Hutt Underground for one year. When the war had ended the Hutt rebellion against the Yuuzhan Vong returned to Nal Hutta. A year later the Galactic Alliance claimed authority on Tatooine, leaving a question if the Desilijic Empire would meet a second demise.[source?]


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