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Aquilae (Aquilaean system)

Palace of Lite

The Palace of Lite was the royal palace on Aquilae. It stood in the desert of that planet, and was typified by turrets, rooftop gardens and fountains.

It held a library, dining chamber, courtyard and a control center. When the New Galactic Empire invaded the Aquilaean system, the royal family fled to their Underground Fortress, and the palace was occupied by Valorum and the Imperial military.

It survived the battles over Aquilae, and was the site of the investiture of the new Queen Leia and the ceremony that rewarded the heroic Annikin Starkiller, Chewbacca, Artwo and Threepio.

Behind the scenesEdit

Eventually the Palace of Lite became the Grand Audience Chamber of the Massassi Temple in the final version of A New Hope.

The Palace of Lite itself eventually had an appearance of sorts in the Dark Horse Comics adaptation of the rough draft, titled The Star Wars, released in 2013. The writer, Jonathan W. Rinzler, in a PDF file giving a brief transcript of pages 14 and 15 of the then-nearly finished first issue, mentioned that he, just for fun and to give a more Arabic look to the palace, had planned to base the design of the Palace of Lite on that of Agrabah from the 1992 Disney classic Aladdin, although he also stated that whether that design choice would be retained would be up to George Lucas.



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