"It's a metal-crystal phase shifter."
"MCPS for short.
―Doxin reports to Tol Sivon[src]

Paldis Doxin was a Human male Imperial scientist and engineer within the Magrody Institute. In 22 BBY, he was involved in hypermatter research at the Ministry of Science. Chosen by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin to become a head scientist within the Maw Installation, he led the team that developed the Metal-Crystal Phase Shifter used in the Battle of the Maw.[1]


Paldis Doxin was one of Bevel Lemelisk's prize students, and when Lemelisk wandered from job to job, he brought Doxin with him. When Lemelisk was assigned to work on the Death Star project, Doxin was overjoyed to be involved as well, and happily transferred to Maw Installation to work on his mentor's team. Over several years, he contributed to the implementation of the project by developing the Death Star's laser focusing system. But when Lemelisk went with Tarkin to work on the actual production-model Death Star in the Outer Rim, Doxin found himself left behind.

He was killed along with most of the scientists at the Maw when Tol Sivron accidentally flew the Death Star prototype down a black hole trying to escape during the Battle of the Maw in 11 ABY.[1]



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