"This is Palmer on the southern ridge. We've picked up Trade Federation forces heading our way, fast."

Palmer was a female pilot from the planet Naboo and an officer in the Royal Naboo Security Forces during the Trade Federation Invasion of Naboo. During the conflict, she was captured by the Trade Federation and later released by her fellow officer, Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes. Palmer went on to participate in several of the conflicts waged on Naboo during the invasion, but was ultimately killed in orbit over Naboo during the final battle to secure the planet.


"The tractors nabbed me. I need help here. I can't escape. Where's my cover? Aaaaah!"
―Palmer's last words[src]

Palmer was a female individual born on the peaceful planet of Naboo and had become an officer in the Royal Naboo Security Forces[3] by 32 BBY.[2] When the Trade Federation invaded her homeworld, she was captured during the first stages of the invasion. She was later rescued by fellow officer Gavyn Sykes.[1] At the time of Queen Padmé Amidala's return from Coruscant—the capital planet of the Republic—where the Queen was trying to end the invasion in the Galactic Senate, Palmer was stationed at a Naboo resistance base on the south ridge of the capital city of Naboo, Theed. The base came under attack by elements of the Trade Federation Droid Army, and she contacted Sykes for assistance. While Sykes was racing to the base, she repeatedly called for reinforcements. Sykes arrived soon after and destroyed the droid attackers.[3]

Palmer later participated in the battle to retake Theed, leading Group 2, a squad of Flash Speeders. During the battle, Group 3 became pinned down in a plaza, and Palmer was once again saved by Sykes' actions. After the rescue, Palmer and Group 3 helped Sykes escort the commando transport to the Theed Courthouse. At the conclusion of the battle, she flew in an N-1 starfighter with Bravo Flight to attack the Trade Federation's Droid Control Ship in orbit over Naboo, which was controlling the Droid Army. During the space battle, her starfighter was caught in a tractor beam. As she called for assistance, she was pulled into range of the control ship's guns, which knocked out her fighter's engines. Palmer's ship was then shot down; however she was able to crash land successfully on the planet's surface. She radioed an update on her status to Lt. Sykes.

Personality and traits[]

As a pilot flying for the people of Naboo, Palmer was capable of piloting a number of craft ranging from the Flash speeder to the N-1 starfighter. She was also capable of leading a squad of Flash speeders into battle. Whenever she was under attack, she repeatedly called for reinforcements.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Palmer was a minor character created for the 2000 video game Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo. She was later given an entry in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia. Although Palmer was not listed by name in the game's credits, Samantha Paris was credited with voicing "RSF officer 2."



Notes and references[]

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