The Palpatine Counter-Insurgency Front (PCF) was a terrorist organization of pro-Imperial officers under the command of Kirtan Loor.


The organization was formed under the orders of Ysanne Isard shortly after the Seizure of Coruscant. Its main purpose was to perform terrorist acts in order to make the new government seem ineffectual.

Along with the Krytos virus, the PCF contributed to mounting tensions between Human and Non-Human inhabitants of Coruscant. The group also targeted several installations on Coruscant, including the area where the funeral of (supposedly dead) Rogue Squadron pilot Corran Horn was held, along with a civilian school and a bacta production facility. The group worked in concert with Fliry Vorru and the Imperial Center People's Militia, though Loor was disgusted with Vorru's tactics.

When Loor overstepped his bounds in his desire to bring down Rogue Squadron, he feared the wrath of Isard, and offered to surrender to New Republic custody and clear Tycho Celchu of Horn's death in exchange for protection from her. Unfortunately, Diric Wessiri, whom Isard had brainwashed many years ago, killed him en route to the trial. His death, along with the departure of both Vorru and Isard onboard Lusankya, brought an end to the Palpatine Counter-Insurgency Front, the members of whom were brought to justice by the New Republic.



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