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"We're checking to see if QFD or their erstwhile partners, Pammant Docks, might have supervised the reassembly."
―An Imperial technician informs Tarkin of the investigation into Pammant Docks[src]

Pammant Docks was a shipwright company that at one time held a partnership with the Quarren organization known as the Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps.[1] During the Clone Wars, Pammant Docks was allied with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. While the early Confederacy navy was made up of heavily armed bulk transports from CIS member corporations, Pammant Docks and other allies constructed capital ships to create a creditable navy for the Separatists. These new starships were crewed by B1 battle droids and filled with a variety of starfighters. The Separatist allied Quarren at Pammant Docks allowed for a large number of starships to be produced quickly for the Separatists.[2] After a warship assembled from old Confederacy of Independent Systems' vessels attacked the Imperial facility Sentinel Base, the Galactic Empire began looking into if Pammant Docks or the volunteers had been involved in the warship's assembly.[1]



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