"I've got all the fans I need right here. So go space yourself."
―Panar to Meetra Surik[src]

Panar was a male Human Beast Rider living in Iziz on the planet of Onderon. He was a swoop racer encountered by Meetra Surik while she was on the world in 3951 BBY. He was often found loitering in the Beast Rider's Den in the Iziz Cantina and was apparently a supporter of General Vaklu. When Surik came into Iziz, she investigated the murder of Captain Sullio in order to clear Dhagon Ghent's name; Panar pointed Surik in the direction of a droid merchant, 1B-8D-GE3 who he claimed was "the perfect fence for droid parts", who could be found in the Merchant Quarter. This lead to the discovery of the missing head of S-0D3-GE3, who had witnessed the murder; after extracting the droid's memory of the event, Ghent was cleared.

At some point during her time in Iziz, Meetra Surik, while participating in the swoop racing going on there, would surpass Panar's race time. This did not engender good relations between the two, as Panar would challenge the Surik to a "grudge match", which she again won.

Behind the scenesEdit

"This room is reserved off worlder."
―Panar to Meetra Surik[src]

If the player should want to side with Vaklu, the PC can ask Panar to remove Captain Gelesi. Panar convinces Gelesi to leave Iziz or else he will take his four year old daughter and make her his bride.


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