Panna City was a city on Panna Prime.


Garbage chutes going out from the city.

Panna City was a battered spaceport that floated on top of the thick, gelid seas.[1] It was kept afloat on the mud sea by a synthetic flotation bubble.[3] The city had plazas on multiple levels and a heavily populated market place. Some of the shops sold anti-sleeping virus drugs.[2]

Several garbage chutes spewed waste into the surrounding mud sea, feeding various creatures that lived in the mud. It was possible to enter the city by climbing up an empty chute.[2] The city was considered the best-known settlement in the entire Panna system.[1]

In 0 ABY, Panna City was occupied by forces of the Galactic Empire, with stormtrooper patrols visible in the streets and armed landspeeders patrolling the outskirts, ready to intercept suspects. Chewbacca and Boba Fett attempted to find an antidote for Han Solo's sleeping virus in the city. Fett then secretly contacted Darth Vader from a terminal there before they left.[2]



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