The Panna system was located in the Outer Rim's Tion Cluster.[1] It contained the planet Panna and Panna Prime, its moon.[3]


The system contained seven planets and 35 moons, with at least Panna Prime being able to support life.[5] The population consisted mostly of an assortment of pirates, outlaws, traders and prospectors, with the system characterized by the three major gas giants and the extensive asteroid belts around them.[4]

When he prepared his overthrow of the Cronese King Ferece, the pirate-lord Xer was known to have gathered a sizable fleet in this system.[4] Millennia later, Luke Skywalker and the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO came to this system to look for the Millennium Falcon soon after the Battle of Yavin. They encountered the bounty hunter Boba Fett and were almost captured by him.[3] By this time, the Galactic Empire had increased its presence in the system and stationed troops there.[3]

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An animatic for The Star Wars Holiday Special's animated segment indicates that the Panna system has 37 planets and 35 moons.[6] The number of planets was scaled down in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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