Panno was a male Dressellian who served the Alliance to Restore the Republic in various capacities, including as a commando, a scout, and a tactician. Having attained the rank of major in the Alliance, Panno was skilled in both planning for and fighting in battles, and he wielded an assortment of weapons against his opponents. In 4 ABY, he was present at a Rebel briefing held prior to the Battle of Endor, an engagement with Imperial forces in which Panno participated.


Major panno

Panno was present during a Rebel briefing prior to the Battle of Endor.

Panno was a male Dressellian who joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic,[1] to which he was followed by communications expert Olander Brit.[3] Panno served the Alliance as both a commando and a scout, attaining the rank of major. An able tactician, the Dressellian assisted Alliance General Crix Madine with organizing troop movements in preparation for special missions.[1]

In 4 ABY, the Alliance learned that the Galactic Empire was constructing a second Death Star battlestation over the Forest Moon of Endor, prompting the Rebels to organize an effort to destroy the Death Star. A briefing was held aboard the Rebel flagship, Home One, in preparation for a strike at the Imperial construction site. Panno joined two other Dressellians in attending the briefing, which saw a strike team organized to infiltrate Endor before the Alliance Fleet launched its attack.[4] After aiding General Madine with plotting the strike team's destruction of the shield generator[5] that protected the second Death Star,[4] Panno participated in the subsequent battle with Imperial forces.[6]

Personality and traitsEdit

Major Panno served the Rebel Alliance as both a commando and a scout, and he used his tactical skills to assist in the logistical planning of special missions.[1] Skilled in combating forces of superior numbers, Panno employed a variety of weapons in battle, including a vibroblade, a blaster rifle, stun grenades, and thermal detonators. He stood at 1.82 meters in height and weighed 80 kilograms.[2]

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Panno appeared in Richard Marquand's 1983 film, Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, as a background character played by an uncredited actor, fleetingly visible during the Rebel briefing scene aboard Home One.[4] Leland Chee has suggested that Panno may also be briefly glimpsed boarding the captured Imperial shuttle Tydirium later in the movie.[7] Unnamed in the film, the "Prune Face" alien[8] went unidentified until he received a card in the Death Star II Limited expansion set of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game, released in 2000.[1]



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