The Pantheon's Peace was a truce between the various factions of the Lost Tribe of Sith on Kesh. It was declared by the Tribe's Caretaker during the Testament Day holiday. During the Pantheon's Peace, violence was not permitted between the Sith's factions, who had been warring since the death of Grand Lord Lillia Venn in 3960 BBY.[1]

In 3000 BBY, the Festival of Nida's Rise (held every 79 years), and Testament Day (held every 25 years) coincided, which Jaye Vuhld, Keshiri assistant to Caretaker Varner Hilts, viewed as a bad omen. Hilts declared the Pantheon's Peace eight days before Testament Day, due to rising conflict between the factions, including Iliana Merko's Sisters of Seelah, Korsin Bentado's Korsinite League, the Golden Destiny, and Force 57, as well as the discovery that the timekeeping mechanisms kept by the Caretaker were off by eight days. During the Pantheon's Peace, there could be no conflict between the factions, as they all listened to Yaru Korsin's last testament to his daughter Nida Korsin.[1]

The Pantheon's Peace of 3000 BBY would not last, as that was the year the Lost Tribe discovered their ancestors were slaves of the Sith Lord Naga Sadow, whom they viewed as monstrous. Korsin's holocron was destroyed, and the inter-faction conflict resumed.[1]


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