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"A pity, though, to have to damage any of these reefs. They're genuine works of art. Unique, perhaps, in that they were created by living yet nonsentient beings. I should have liked to have studied them more closely."
Grand Admiral Thrawn to Captain Pellaeon[src]

Pantolomin, also known as Panto Prime,[5] was the primary planet of the Panto system, in the Dolomar sector of the Core Worlds. It was an aquatic world known as one of the greatest tourist places of the galaxy.


A Pantolomin Spaceport.

Pantolomin was located in a star system in the Core Worlds region of the galaxy,[1] on the Namadii Corridor between Twith[3] and Ord Mirit.[3] It was an oceanic planet, famous for the intricate coral reefs found in the waters of its northern continent. The entire system, including Pantolomin specifically, operated as a resort world for galactic travelers. It offered visitors casino submarines, such as the Coral Vanda, a submersible cruiser that operated in the famous oceans of Pantolomin.

Other amusements included the Towers of Pantolomin, owned by a subsidiary of Galaxy Tours, or Jervo's World, a large network of swoop-dueling arenas.


Garik Loran, famed Imperial boy actor and later Wraith Squadron pilot, was from Pantolomin.

In 9 ABY, Pantolomin was attacked by Grand Admiral Thrawn who was looking for Captain Hoffner and the location of the Katana fleet. The Chimaera bombarded the ocean in order to force the Coral Vanda to surface and surrender. Unique coral reefs were destroyed during this operation.[6]

The Yuuzhan Vong attacked and conquered the planet as they invaded the systems of the Core.[3]



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