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"Chain code post like on Saleucami."
"Things are changing quicker than I thought. Let's get what we came for and get out of here.
―Echo and Hunter[6]

Pantora was the primary moon in orbit around the planet Orto Plutonia,[7] in the Pantora system, located in the Sujimis sector of the Outer Rim Territories,[1] in grid square P-19 on the Standard Galactic Grid.[3] It was the homeworld of the Pantorans, who were led by the Pantoran Assembly[8] and the Supreme Chairman of Pantora, a post held by Chi Cho, who was later replaced by Baron Notluwiski Papanoida. Pantora was a member of the Galactic Republic and therefore represented in the Galactic Senate. During the Clone Wars, Pantora remained loyal to the Republic and Riyo Chuchi served as its senator.[2]


Pantora held a claim to sovereignty over the planet it orbited by dint of being the only inhabited body in its system, though they were unaware that Orto Plutonia was in fact inhabited by a sentient, if primitive, species known as the Talz.[8] One baron from Pantora was selected by the Queen of Eiram for her daughter, Princess Adrialla, to marry because of the usefulness of such an alliance. The baron had a specific hope of beginning fuel mining within Eiram's oceans. However, Adrialla had already found love with her future wife Odelia.[9]

During the Clone Wars, a Republic outpost was established on Orto Plutonia at the request of Chairman Chi Cho, who feared that Pantora might be targeted by the Separatists due to its Republic leanings. The outpost, as well as a droid base that had indeed been established there as well, ran afoul of the Talz and all personnel were wiped out. This led to the discovery of the Talz by a joint Pantoran-Republic task force sent to investigate the loss of contact, placing Pantora's claim to the planet into question. Chairman Cho refused to either acknowledge the Talz's sentience or renounce Pantora's claim and deliberately aggrandized the situation into spawning a brief but bloody conflict for control, losing his life in the process. The Pantoran Assembly, having learned of Chairman Cho's actions, declared him out of order and had Senator Riyo Chuchi renounce their claim in favor of acknowledging the Talz's sovereignty over their homeworld, forging peace between the Pantorans and the Talz.[8]

Pantora was later blockaded by the Trade Federation, who falsely claimed that the moon owed them outstanding debts but in reality were hoping to pressure the Pantorans into joining the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Senator Chuchi fiercely defended her world in the Senate and begged for a resolution in Pantora's favor, but widespread anti-Republic sentiment grew as the Senate appeared slow to act and unsympathetic to their plight. The situation escalated when Chairman Papanoida's daughters were kidnapped by bounty hunters hired by the Federation to put additional pressure on them, but a joint investigation by the Pantoran officials and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano uncovered the truth and the Federation was forced to remove its blockade in order to save face.[4]

Shortly after the rise of the Galactic Empire, Clone Force 99 stopped at a spaceport in Pantora to refuel, scramble their ship's signature, and pick up supplies. As Hunter, Echo, and Omega wandered through the marketplace of the planet, they saw civilians celebrating the end of the Clone Wars. As Hunter sold Echo who was disguised as a droid in order to get credits, Omega encountered bounty hunter Fennec Shand who gained the girl's trust. However, Hunter realized the threat Shand possessed, leading a chase between the bounty hunter and the clones before Clone Force 99 managed to escape from Pantora.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Tech: "By my calculations, the closest planet is…Pantora."
Hunter: "Well, Pantora it is."
Omega: "Pantora it is."
Tech, Hunter, and Omega erroneously referring to Pantora as a planet[6]

Pantora was first mentioned in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "Trespass,"[8] and first appeared in the episode "Sphere of Influence."[4]

Although Pantora is a moon, it has been referred to as a planet frequently: the Pantoran Assembly Representative refers to it as a "sovereign planet" in "Trespass";[8] it is also called a planet in "Sphere of Influence"[4] and "Cornered."[6] In the initial hardcover and audiobook release of The High Republic: The Eye of Darkness, the list of planets brought under Nihil control by the expansion of the Stormwall includes Pantora. Given that Pantora was already within the Occlusion Zone, the digital release edits the list and instead places Abtin behind the new Stormwall border.[10]



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