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The Pantora system, also known as the Pantoran system, contained the planet Orto Plutonia, and its moon Pantora, homeworld of the Pantoran species, the only two inhabitable worlds in the system.[2]


A brief conflict erupted between the two species living in the system, when the Pantoran Chairman Chi Cho declared Orto Plutonia to be a protectorate of Pantora and the Talz to be trespassing. After brief battle and the Chairman's death, peace was settled between the two species, and the Pantorans withdrew from the ice planet.[2]

Later in the Clone Wars, the Trade Federation blockaded Pantora in an apparent isolated action. This was secretly an attempt of the Confederacy of Independent Systems to get Pantora to join the Confederacy. The action failed, and the ambassador responsible was denounced in public by Lott Dod, the Trade Federation Senator.[3]

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