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The Pantorans were blue-skinned near-humans native to the moon Pantora. They were part of the Galactic Republic, during the waning years of that government.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Pantoran Prisoner SaV

A male Pantoran member of Black Sun.

Pantorans were a sentient species that looked very similar to humans. They had two legs, two arms ending in five-fingered hands, a torso and a single head. Like humans, they also had two sexes, male and female.[1] However, all Pantorans had blue skin[3] that turned indigo when they blushed[6] and yellow eyes. They grew hair on the top of the head, and, in males, on the lower parts of the face. The color of their hair varied from white and purple to blue and black.[1] Some Pantorans also displayed simple golden facial tattoos as a symbol status. These tattoos were based on ancient Pantoran texts.[15] Known individuals ranged from 1.65[9] to 1.77 meters in height.[16] The Pantorans had a greater resilience to low temperatures than humans.[1]

The Chiss, a more obscure blue-skinned species, were sometimes mistaken for Pantorans. However, unlike the Pantorans, the Chiss had red eyes.[17]

Society and cultureEdit

Most Pantorans adorned their faces with yellow markings that signified their family affiliation. Those like Lassa Rhayme, who had no loyalties toward a family, bore no markings at all.[12] The Pantoran regime was a democracy, and its governing body was the Pantoran Assembly.[1]

Pantoran architecture was very vertical: whereas other cultures left their rooftops bare, Pantorans would not waste space, building more structures atop others and planting gardens.[18]


Pantorans hailed from Pantora,[1] the moon of the ice planet Orto Plutonia.[19]

In the decades that led to the rise of the autocratic First Galactic Empire, the Pantorans were members of the Galactic Republic.[19] As such, they had full representation in the Republic Senate on Coruscant.[1] During this time, they explored Orto Plutonia and believed that nothing lived there.[1]

During the Clone Wars, a pan-galactic conflict that pitted the Galactic Republic against the Confederacy of Independent Systems, a Republic security force was established on Orto Plutonia. When the Republic lost all contact with that force, Pantoran dignitaries accompanied the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to investigate the disappearance of the Republic troopers.[1]

At some point, the Trade Federation imposed a blockade on Pantora, with the intention of forcing the moon's inhabitants to join the Confederacy. Although many Pantorans demanded that their new chairman, Papanoida, yield to the Trade Federation, he chose to rely on Senator Riyo Chuchi instead. Eventually, Chuchi was able to force the Trade Federation into lifting the blockade by threatening to reveal that the Federation had abducted the chairman's daughters.[20]


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