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Han Solo's pants, with his second-class Corellian Bloodstripes

"I like some things about you. I like the way your pants fit."
Leia Organa to Han Solo[src]

Pants were clothes that humanoids wore over their lower bodies. Some sentient species such as Ewoks and Wookiees did not wear pants, but most male Humans did.

In some cases pants were culturally significant, as in the case of Corellian Bloodstripes, which were worn as a length of broken cloth piping down the outer seams of the recipient's pants.

Ubese trackers such as Boushh were known to wear Shata leather pants, and Princess Leia Organa wore a pair of these when impersonating the bounty hunter.

Behind the scenes[]

"Of all the things to worry about… the Wookiee has no pants."
Mark Hamill[src]

During the production of the first Star Wars film, the producers were worried because Chewbacca did not wear pants at all. Like Chewbacca, all Wookiees in the Expanded Universe and the prequel trilogy are without pants.


Characters can be seen or can be assumed to be wearing pants in all sources; however, in some cases they are specifically mentioned or featured:


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