"Technically command falls to me, after Howl and Sairgon and Paonu and—well."
―Von Geiz[src]

Paonu was a commander in the Rebel Alliance's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry. He was a naval officer on the CR90 corvette, Thunderstrike and was third down the line of command in the Sixty-First after Captain Micha Evon and Lieutenant Sairgon. When the Thunderstrike was being pursued by forces of the Galactic Empire due to a hyperdrive leak, Paonu suggested transferring important individuals to it's escort the Apailana's Promise, in the hopes of saving them. Everi Chalis, though, proposed raiding an Imperial heavy freighter, which was approved and carried out. After the raid, the Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise rendezvoused with a rebel flotilla in the Elochar sector to make repairs to the Thunderstrike under Paonu's supervision. However, Imperial spies were able to infiltrate the Thunderstrike and Paonu was killed on the bridge.


"Your ship, is compromised. Commander Paonu had the right idea."
―Everi Chalis[src]

By the year 3 ABY, Paonu was a commander in the Rebel Alliance's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, better known as Twilight Company, serving as the naval captain aboard their CR90 corvette, the Thunderstrike. His position placed him third down in the Twilight Company's command structure, after Captain Micha Evon and his second-in-command, Lieutenant Sairgon.[1]

During that year, the Thunderstrike and its escort, the Braha'tok-class gunship the Apailana's Promise, suffered a series of attacks from the Galactic Empire due to a hyperdrive leak in the Thunderstrike which constantly left a trail for enemies to follow. Captain Evon gathered the high ranking members of Twilight Company to discuss the matter. As suggestions for obtaining repair equipment ensued, Paonu implemented his own idea, to have Everi Chalis, an Imperial defector travelling with Twilight Company, and select personnel transferred to the Apailana's Promise and split it from the Thunderstrike. The idea of his plan was that the Thunderstrike would likely be pursued to obliteration while the Apailana's Promise carried the important people to safety. Chalis commended his plan, but proposed her own in it's place, stating they could instead locate an Imperial cargo transport and board it.[1]

Chalis' plan was ultimately approved and put into action. Twilight Company traveled to the Redhurne system and awaited an Imperial heavy freighter which carried the supplies they needed. While they waited, Paonu, Evon and Chalis conversed on the Thunderstrike's bridge. Two hours into the wait, their target arrived. Chalis contacted them using a series of authorization codes and tried to change its course. When it finally did, the Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise attacked, using boarding pods to deploy troops inside the freighter. Twilight Company's raid was successful, and the Thunderstrike received the supplies it needed to have it's hyperdrive repaired. To implement further repairs, the Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise traveled to a flotilla in the Elochar sector where a dozen rebel ships were stationed. Evon similarly parted for a conference at the Alliance High Command's secret base on Hoth with Chalis, which left Sairgon in charge of the rest of the Company.[1]

While the Thunderstrike's crew worked non-stop under Paonu to complete the repairs, Sairgon tried his best to keep the troops out of the way, devising training exercises and granting "shore leave" to other ships. However, just days into their time at the flotilla, Twilight Company had to respond to the sudden arrival of rebel the light freighter Trumpet's Call, which had jumped out of hyperspace with no working life support. The Thunderstrike accepted the few survivors and tended to them, not knowing that they were Imperial spies which had killed the actual crew. The spies regained their strength and then stormed the Thunderstrike's bridge. Paonu and some of the other bridge officers were killed, but Sairgon was able to get a message out to the other rebel ships in the flotilla before he too was killed. The rebel Brand found Paonu's body on the floor of the bridge when arriving to deal with the spies.[1]

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Paonu first appeared in the 2015 canon novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.[1]


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