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"I never did have the heart to tell Mama that Papa ran away…or that he died."
―Ziro, about his father's passing[src]

Papa was a male Hutt that became the husband of Mama, the father of Ebor and Ziro, the grandfather of Jabba, and the great-grandfather of Gorga and Rotta. He died at some point before the Clone Wars and was buried on Teth.[1]


Papa was the husband of Mama, and the father of both Ebor and Ziro, as well as the grandfather of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, and the great-grandfather to Jabba's son Rotta, and his nephew Gorga the Hutt. Sometime before the start of the Clone Wars, Papa ran away from his family, and later died. Ziro discovered his father's fate at some point, but was never able to tell Mama that Papa had run away and perished. [1]

Papa was buried on Teth, and Ziro kept a Holodiary with the body, the contents of the diary containing all the nefarious dealings of the Hutt Council. Despite reaching Teth and his father's grave, Ziro himself was killed by Sy Snootles before he could put the Holodiary to any use, and it founds its way back to the Hutt Council. [1]



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