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"You have to hold on more tightly."
"But you are a delicate child—my grip will harm you. And I don't want to jumble my papers."
"Falling off the bike will do a lot worse than that."
―Merei Spanjaf and Holshef[src]

Paper was a material on which documents could be written or printed. By the time of the Galactic Empire, the existence of books with ink printed on paper was relatively rare in the galaxy.[1] By the time of the First Order/Resistance War, paper was considered a primitive material.[2]

Agent Kallus of the Imperial Security Bureau was surprised to observe such books on the bookshelves of Captain Zataire on the Lawbringer.[1] Holshef, an elderly human male poet, wrote his poems on paper. During his time in hiding from the Galactic Empire for his rebellious artistic expressions, he accumulated massive piles of papers of his poetry. He was later forced to flee with only a week's worth of writings. During a wild chase on a jumpspeeder, many of these blew away and one of them blinded a bounty hunter that was chasing him and Merei Spanjaf, resulting in a fatal accident.[3]

When Leia Organa and her retinue investigated the Ryloth archives in Lessu, they were dismayed to learn that the material in the archives was all either written or printed on paper, tanned hides, wooden tablets or rolls, feeling as if they were in the days of the Old Republic.[4]

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