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A green piece of paper.

"These were the coordinates they wrote down for me. On paper. I mean, who uses paper?"
Jan, a member of the Rebel Alliance, during an Imperial interrogation[src]

Paper was a material used in the production of written documents. Although it bore a resemblance to durasheet, paper was not designed with the utility of reusability in mind. As technological progress was made, paper was superseded by data storage devices such as datapads and was rarely used. During the First Corellian Insurrection, Anakin Solo used a pen and paper to record the coordinates of each star that was targeted for destruction by the Sacorrian Triad, as well as the time of each, by memory.

Behind the scenes[]

The rulebook for the first edition of Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game stressed that "there is no paper in the Star Wars universe" and that the inhabitants of the galaxy exclusively used electronic means of data storage. In addition to the use of paper in publications, such as Assault at Selonia, this attitude towards the use of paper in the Star Wars universe seemed to relax by the time that the rulebook for the game's second edition was published. It stated that paper was "rarely, if ever used" by the galaxy's inhabitants.


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