Par'tah was a female Ho'Din smuggler who worked for Billey and was one of the few who agreed with Talon Karrde's arguments in favor of a unified front at the first meeting of the Smugglers' Alliance before the raid by Lieutenant Reynol Kosk's forces.

After the raid, Grand Admiral Thrawn attempted to drive a wedge between Karrde and his newfound allies, by refraining from any overt action against any of them, and later by offering them Imperial shipping contracts, in order to convince them that the Empire was no threat to them, if they remained neutral in the conflict between it and the New Republic. Par'tah was offered a contract to transport a large number of Sublight engines to the Imperial shipyards at Ord Trasi. Samuel Gillespee grimly noted that, although Par'tah had not yet accepted, her organization always ran close to the bottom line, and she probably could not afford to say no.

Later, she was one of the people that Mazzic used to help go through Karrde's datacards in his attempt to prove that the attack on the Whistler's Whirlpool was a set-up by Karrde. Instead, Niles Ferrier inadvertently revealed that he had bribed Lieutenant Kosk, and that the latest attempt to implicate Karrde was Thrawn's doing. She helped Karrde's crew to overpower Ferrier's Wraith accomplice, and urged that Ferrier not be allowed to escape punishment for his betrayal of them.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Par'tah was incorrectly portrayed as a reptilian female species in The Last Command comic adaptation.



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