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"The last Mando who came in here wrecked the place. You're all the kriffing same, and I don't want you in here..."
―The Paradise Cantina's bartender[src]

The Paradise Cantina was a rough and unkempt bar on Bador, one of Kuat's two moons. Located in a seedy neighborhood of Bunar, the cantina bore numerous scars from years of conflicts, and hosted an often dangerous clientele. In 40 ABY, the Mandalorian by the name of Jaing Skirata killed the crime boss Cherit at the Paradise Cantina, following a prolonged shootout. Not long after, Mand'alor Boba Fett and Mirta Gev traveled to the cantina in search of Skirata. Despite an initial conflict with the Paradise's bartender, the two were able to acquire a lead on Skirata's whereabouts and soon departed.


"I'm offended that they don't respect cultural diversity."
Boba Fett, remarking upon the Paradise Cantina's sign that forbade helmets[src]

The Paradise Cantina was a run down bar located on Bador,[1] one of two moons of the Core World Kuat,[2] in a seedy neighborhood of the city of Bunar. Situated five kilometers south of a large public spaceport, the cantina was built with masonry construction, and possessed multiple doors. Over the bar's entrance was a sign that read "Welcome to the Paradise Cantina," followed by a warning that no helmets were allowed inside. By the time of the Second Galactic Civil War, the Paradise Cantina's outer facade had fallen into a state of scarred disrepair: blasterfire had left burnt blisters in the paint on the doors, the walls were pocked from the impact of multiple ballistic rounds, and an amount of blood had been left to pool and dry near the entrance.[1]

The inside of the cantina featured tile flooring, and accommodations for patrons to sit while enjoying their drinks. The air smelled of stale ale, vomit, and oil. The Paradise Cantina possessed a long countertop bar, attended to by a barkeep, with shelves stocked with liquor and stacked glasses located behind it. Complimentary snacks were offered in dishes at the bar, including pickles that bore a physical resemblance to eyeballs; establishment policy required the purchase of a drink in order to partake of the bar snacks.[1]


"So what were you after here?"
"Recovering stolen data."
"You mean people around here can read?"
―Boba Fett and Mirta Gev[src]

Constructed in the years prior to the outbreak of the Second Galactic Civil War, the Paradise Cantina saw numerous conflicts in and around the establishment throughout its existence. In 40 ABY, the bounty hunter Mirta Gev tracked stolen data she had been hired to recover to the Paradise Cantina. At the same time, the Mandalorian Jaing Skirata came to the Paradise in order to confront the local crime boss Cherit over the trafficking of Twi'lek women to Kuati nobles. Anticipating violence, Gev departed before a prolonged and damaging shootout broke out that left Cherit dead. Local security forces investigated the cantina in the aftermath.[1]

Weeks later, Gev led her grandfather, the reigning Mand'alor Boba Fett, to the Paradise Cantina in search of Skirata. Upon entering, the two came into conflict with the Paradise's Kuati bartender, who resented the Mandalorian pair's appearance after the havoc Skirata previously wreaked. Though he attempted to retrieve an illegal, sawn-off Tenloss disruptor rifle from behind the bar, Fett and Gev successfully subdued the bartender and persuaded him to give up what information he had on Skirata. The Paradise's bartender pointed the pair toward the Tekshar Falls Casino in Kuat City, where the remnant of Cherit's gang resided. Fett and Gev subsequently left the cantina without further incident.[1]

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The Paradise Cantina first appearance in the novel Sacrifice, the fifth entry in the multi-author Legacy of the Force series, written by Karen Traviss and published May 29, 2007.[1]


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