"If there's a place that had too much life, it was. What land mass exists is dominated by these stinking swamp forests. The native population spends most of their lives beating back the jungle."
Roblio Darté[src]

Parcellus Minor was a planet in the Expansion Region. Its small amount of landmass was almost entirely covered with swamp jungles; the natives of the planet spent much time simply pushing the edge of the swamp back. All plant life on Parcellus Minor exuded tzeotine, a combustible resin used by the native population for heating and fuel.


In 21 BBY, during the Clone Wars, it was bombarded by the Confederate Navy, igniting the flammable jungle and starting a fire that spread across much of the surface, wiping out or injuring most of both the Republic and Separatist ground forces. By the time of the New Republic, the planet had recovered.

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The planet was misspelled "Parcelus Minor" in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia and "Paracellus Minor" in Labyrinth of Evil.



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