"You just watch yourself. This isn't a swoop race. You're gonna end up in chunks floating through a gas cloud if you aren't careful."
"Worry about yourself, Pargo. Stormtrooper armor won't stop a direct blaster shot. And knowing you, you'll probably stand in front of a blaster to find out."
"Guess we're both due for a short, fast life."
―Pargo and Maarek Stele[1]

Pargo was a Human male from Kuan who became an Imperial stormtrooper during the Galactic Civil War. Growing up during the civil war with neighboring Bordal, Pargo joined one of the swoop gangs which operated illegal competitions on his war-torn homeworld. After one such competition in 3 ABY, Pargo was captured and forced to reveal the location of his friend and fellow swoop bike pilot, Maarek Stele, who the Bordali hoped to capture to elicit the assistance of his scientist father, Kerek. The two Kuani racers were taken aboard a Bordali shuttle but, as the ship left Kuan, it was captured by the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Vengeance, which had been sent to bring the Taroon system under the control of the Galactic Empire. Though Pargo was initially a prisoner, he was offered the opportunity to serve the Empire and decided to join the Stormtrooper Corps. After completing his training, he was assigned to Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin's flagship, the Star Destroyer Glory.


Early life[]

The Human male Pargo grew up on Kuan,[2] a forgotten backwater world in the Taroon system of the Outer Rim Territories, during the reign of Emperor Palpatine. Kuan was locked in a civil war with neighboring Bordal since the end of the Clone Wars; a conflict that had ruined both worlds' economies and left the people living under martial law. In his youth, Pargo became a swoop bike pilot, competing in illegal races organized by the local swoop gangs among the ruined high-rise buildings on his homeworld. During this time he became friends with Maarek Stele, another young Kuani swoop racer whose father, the scientist Kerek Stele, had been captured by Bordali agents, forcing Maarek and his mother, Marina, into hiding.[1]


"So you got away."
"Was out stunting, just like you."
"Waste of time. I would'a won easy. I was powered."
"Yeah, maybe. But at least my swoop's still in one piece."
―Maarek Stele and Pargo[1]

During one swoop competition,[1] circa 3 ABY,[3] the Kuani authorities conducted a raid on the staging area. Pargo and Stele, who were both out competing at the time of the raid, were able to escape capture and Pargo later went to check on his friend at the small hangar in which he kept his swoop bike. Pargo informed Stele that some strangers had been spotted asking questions at the Maze,[1] a local hangout frequented by the young racers,[4] and, assuming them to be Bordali spies, suggested they check out the group and determine if they knew anything about his father. However, Stele had to pay a visit to his mother first, so Pargo went to the Maze alone and agreed to meet his friend in three hours.[1]

Unknown to Pargo, the earlier raid had been broadcast, along with footage of Stele performing a stunt, leading the Bordali to begin questioning members of the local swoop gangs in the hopes of capturing him to use as leverage over his father. When he arrived at the Maze, Pargo was confronted by the Bordali—though he resisted them, the group were eventually able to subdue him and tortured him until he revealed the location of Marina's home. Using this information, the Bordali proceeded to capture both Marina and Maarek Stele, taking the pair to their shuttle along with the unconscious Pargo, before departing for Bordal.[1]

The Bordali shuttle is captured by the Vengeance.

Maarek and Marina Stele were quickly secured in restraints but a disturbance in the cockpit called the lead Bordali, Gwadj, away, leaving only one guard to restrain the now barely conscious Pargo. As the guard dragged the Kuani to a seat, Pargo managed to reach up and grab his blaster, turning it to point at the guard's chest. Although still weak from his torture, Pargo overpowered the guard after a short struggle and the Bordali surrendered to the now armed prisoner. After restraining the guard, Pargo freed his friends and the group were deciding what to do when the ship lurched suddenly, caught in the tractor beam of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Vengeance, which had arrived to conquer the Taroon system for the Galactic Empire. When Gwadj and the other Bordali returned moments later, the Bordali commander quickly assessed the situation and instructed his men to lower their weapons—at Marina's prompting, Pargo reluctantly did the same.[1]

The shuttle was soon boarded by Imperial stormtroopers. The occupants were led aboard the Vengeance, where they were separated and questioned. The following day, Pargo was led to an amphitheater aboard the ship, along with over 150 other Kuani and Bordali prisoners, including Maarek and Marina Stele. The group were addressed by the Vengeance's commanding officer, Admiral Mordon, who explained that the Empire was taking control of the Taroon system—putting an end to the civil war—and offered those assembled the opportunity to serve the New Order. While many chose to return to their homeworlds and assist with the transition of power, Pargo decided to join the Imperial Navy. Maarek Stele also joined the Empire, serving as a civilian mechanic aboard the Vengeance. Though the two were stationed aboard the same ship, Pargo's military role meant that there was little he could discuss with his friend.[1]

Imperial service[]

"It's very risky for me to do anything outside my orders. I'll try to see you again, but don't ever come looking for me. I'll find you."
―Pargo to Maarek Stele[5]

Pargo served as a stormtrooper aboard the Glory.

Five months later, Pargo was informed that he had been selected for training with the Stormtrooper Corps. After hearing the news, he went to tell Stele, who had recently impressed Admiral Mordon and subsequently been selected to join the Imperial Navy as a TIE pilot. Though pleased for his friend, Pargo warned Stele to be careful in his dangerous new career.[1]

After completing his training, Pargo was assigned as a stormtrooper aboard Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin's flagship, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Glory. Stele also came to be assigned to the Glory but, though Pargo heard many tales of his friend's exploits as a pilot and sometimes saw him aboard the ship, his duties did not allow him to speak to the other Kuani. However, when Zaarin's forces raided Galactic Electronics' Pondut space station after learning that the company was supplying magnetic pulse warheads to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Pargo learned that Stele's father was among the hundreds of prisoners brought aboard the Glory. Despite the potential consequences for disobeying his orders, Pargo, still anonymous in his stormtrooper armor, fetched Stele from his quarters and led him to a small room in a little-used section of the ship that was temporarily housing the prisoners. Only after returning several minutes later with Kerek did Pargo remove his helmet and reveal his identity. He allowed the two to have a brief reunion before returning Kerek to his cell in the hopes that his absence had gone unnoticed. Before leaving, however, he promised to attempt to keep in contact with his friend, but cautioned Stele not to initiate any meetings.[5]

Personality and traits[]

"I guess you'll fill out that armor real well."
―Maarek Stele[1]

Pargo was a largely built man, a few centimeters taller than Stele and almost half again as heavy as his friend. Though not fat, his natural size made him strong and he could easily out-muscle most other Humans. When captured by the Bordali, Pargo fought hard against them and they struggled to restrain him. Only after sustaining heavy injuries did he lose the will to fight and reveal Stele's location. Despite this, he was ultimately able to overpower one of his captors and free his friends. He later put his strength to use as an Imperial stormtrooper.[1]

Pargo maintained a close friendship with his fellow Kuani, Maarek Stele. During their time as swoop racers, the two would mock each other frequently and, when visiting his friend's hangar, Pargo was known to greet him with a rude gesture through the peephole. Though Pargo was happy when Stele joined him in a career in the Imperial Military, he expressed his concern for his friend's safety.[1] He later risked the wrath of his senior officers by arranging for Stele to see his father after Kerek was arrested for aiding the Rebel Alliance.[5]

Pargo's early life as an illegal swoop racer was in stark contrast to his later career in the Empire. However, he found himself excited by the power of the Empire and decided to join up. Though he was proud to join the Imperial Navy and later eager to seize the opportunity to train as a stormtrooper,[1] he became somewhat disillusioned when his career forced him to cut off contact with his friends and came to miss the old days of racing swoops on Kuan.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Pargo was created by Rusel DeMaria and first appeared in The Stele Chronicles, a novella that accompanied the 1994 LucasArts video game Star Wars: TIE Fighter and told the story of the game's player character, Maarek Stele.[1] He later appeared briefly in DeMaria's TIE Fighter: The Official Strategy Guide and received an entry in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[2][5]



Notes and references[]