Pari' Notgoth was a Gotal crimelord operating in Tamarin sector. For a time, Notgoth employed the bounty hunter Milacass. However, around 3 BBY, there was an attempt on Notgoth's life, and the plot was tracked to Milacass. Even though Milacass had been framed and was innocent, he decided to run away.[3]

Notgoth was an occasional partner of fellow crimelord Marg Sonat, who in turn was under the orders of Sard Nightbringer. Sonat wanted Nightbringer's place and conspired with Notgoth and Rodian criminal Morgotou. However, Sonat did not trust Morgotou and asked Notgoth to kill him.

Notgoth, as a part of Sonat's plan, impersonated a New Republic representative during an auction where Nightbringer wanted to sell a power armor prototype. Notgoth could not buy the armor himself in the auction, being surpassed by Natja the Hutt's bid. However, Sonat later tracked and killed Natja.

A team of independent smugglers found Morgotou's body and tracked it to Notgoth. Notgoth explained the smugglers Sonat's role in Natja's death, but Notgoth himself fought to death.



Notes and referencesEdit

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